ActiveState Launches Anti-Spam OEM Program

PureMessage OEM partners deliver seamless anti-spam protection

ActiveStateâ„?, the leader in enterprise email content filtering software, today announced the launch of its OEM partnership program, extending the protection of its powerful PureMessageâ„? anti-spam engine to new markets including small to mid-size businesses and ISPs. OEM vendors will now be able to offer directly to their customers the accurate anti-spam protection already deployed by ActiveState to hundreds of the world’s largest organizations.

To date, small to mid-size businesses and ISPs have largely relied on signature based anti-spam products, which have proven to be ineffective in handling the rate of spam mutation. The opportunity for OEM vendors is substantial — the small to mid-size business market numbers approximately 259 million mailboxes, which according to industry analysts Radicati Group, is projected to grow to 458 million mailboxes by 2007. This represents 60% of the total corporate market. Similarly, ISP anti-spam seat deployment is expected to increase from 166 million in 2003 to more than 1.1 billion seats by 2008.

Spam has increasingly become a debilitating issue for business communication — analysts estimate that it accounts for up to 45% of today’s inbound email. Radicati projects that spam volume will continue to rise to 70% by 2007, taxing overburdened mail systems—mail transfer agents (MTAs), and users already overwhelmed by legitimate email. According to industry analyst Ferris Research, the cost of unsolicited email to US and European businesses last year amounted to $11.4 billion. For ISPs the cost was $500 million.

In addition to the financial cost, this ever-growing problem of unsolicited email has created security, liability, and productivity issues for organizations. Messaging and security solution providers have been faced with increased demands to address these concerns within their existing product suite.

The ActiveState Anti-Spam OEM Program empowers vendors to meet this need by delivering the PureMessage anti-spam engine, which safely identifies up to 98% of spam using a combination of regularly updated heuristics, protecting against the latest spammers tactics. As a result, they will gain competitive advantage and broaden their customer base.

The Program also provides OEM partners with a robust software developers’ kit, enabling anti-spam functionality to be tightly integrated with their products and services. It includes access to all regularly scheduled anti-spam filter updates, ensuring continued effectiveness against the changing tactics of spammers.

Rockliffe Inc., developer of the popular MailSite email server, is the first OEM vendor to partner with ActiveState on the new program. Through this partnership, Rockliffe is able to offer its existing 3,000 customers—representing over 15 million mailboxes—a one-stop solution, integrating anti-spam, anti-virus, webmail, and wireless mail into a single console. The solution will be available to Rockliffe customers in the summer of 2003.

“Before today, ISPs and the small and mid-sized business market have been underserved in effective anti-spam protection, forcing organizations to rely on inadequate first generation solutions,” said Shawn Thomas, Director of Business Development, ActiveState. “Extending the reach of the PureMessage anti-spam engine to these markets through ActiveState’s OEM partnerships is an exciting step in delivering the most effective anti-spam protection to this market.”

“ActiveState’s anti-spam engine is the ideal addition to our MailSite server software,” said Andrew Lochart, vice president of marketing, Rockliffe. “Our customers are in great need of a proven anti-spam solution and our partnership enables us to meet that need.”

Additional information on the Anti-Spam OEM Program is available at: 604.866.2802 and at

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