Anti-Spam Tests Show Spam Can Be Stopped: SpamSquelcher Also Delivers Dramatic Cost Reductions

Philadelphia –June 17, 2003 — /Xpress Press/ ePrivacy Group today announced the completion of extensive testing of SpamSquelcher(TM), a revolutionary new way for enterprises and ISPs to stop spam at the source, without false positives, while reducing email costs by 80 percent.

“For the first time, networks can reduce spam load and achieve a dramatic reduction of email resources,” said Vincent Schiavone, president and CEO of ePrivacy Group (

According to Carl Shivers, Director of ISP Services at, the award-winning ISP that hosted the anti-spam tests: “Bandwidth and CPU utilization in our filtering servers immediately went down by 80 percent when we installed SpamSquelcher.”

“That’s the first time ever that our spam load has gone down. SpamSquelcher really gives you control over what is happening so spammers can’t come in and steal all your bandwidth and overload your servers.”

Added Schiavone: “Until today, the most effective way to stop spam was to throw expensive resources at it: staff, servers, bandwidth, blacklisting and filtering. These crude methods require blocking off whole sections of the Internet, accepting tons of spam then filtering it, and unacceptable false positive rates.”

“Unlike first generation approaches, SpamSquelcher is sophisticated technology that responds dynamically to spam attacks directed at your network,” said David Brussin, ePrivacy Group’s chief technology officer.

“Spam Squelcher is smart enough to allow legitimate email to continue to flow in, while actively squelching spam traffic. In fact, most of the spam directed at a SpamSquelcher-protected network won’t even leave the spammer’s computer.”

According to Ray Everett-Church, ePrivacy Group’s chief privacy officer: “SpamSquelcher has the added benefit of making life tougher for spammers. Add SpamSquelcher to your network and the cost of spamming just went up.”

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