Panda Software: 13 Years Ridding The Planet Of Viruses

On celebrating its 13th anniversary, the international IT security company has announced the development of new technologies that go beyond protection against computer viruses

The company now has offices in more than 50 countries and protects the IT resources of millions of users around the world

MADRID, June 27 2003 With the aim of becoming the world leaders in antivirus software, Panda Software first set up offices in Bilbao, Spain on June 26 1990. Now, just thirteen years later, the company is one of the world’s top five in the sector and has offices in more than 50 countries and millions of users across all five continents. The quality of its products and services have been widely acclaimed by the specialized press and industry watchdogs worldwide.

Panda Software’s continuous, solid growth is fuelled by the adherence to set of basic principles: continuous technological innovation, total commitment to customer services and the commitment to excellence in all products and services. “Year after year we reinvest our financial and human capital in our endeavor to fight the ever-increasing threat of computer viruses and this commitment has taken us to the position we hold today as one of the leading international antivirus developers,” explains Mikel Urizarbarrena, Panda Software’s CEO.

Panda Software’s strategic plan for the next three years includes the development of new protection technologies that go beyond protection against computer viruses, and enter the wider context of defending users systems from all kinds of malware threats and malicious code. “As market demands have changed we have adapted our business model to ensure that we provide a wider and more flexible range of solutions that meet the anti-malware protection needs of all types of users and businesses,” says Urizarbarrena.

In the short term, Panda Software is currently preparing a series of launches this fall that will place the company at the head of the field going into 2004.

Expansion, growth and development

Since its very first day, Panda Software has been self-financing and has constantly reinvested profits into research, development and innovation. This has been possible thanks to an innovative business module driving its international expansion, based on a system of national franchises. This successful formula allows the company to focus investment on the development of new solutions while franchises in each country provide the key local knowledge and resources necessary for launching products locally.

Panda Software has been rated one of the fastest-growing European companies since 1996, according to the Europe’s 500 ranking compiled by GrowthPlus. In its latest ranking the multinational security software developer came in 27th, compared to 57th in the previous edition. “There’s no doubt that Panda Software’s successful growth is both proof that we are on the right path and encouragement to continue working toward our goals,” explains Urizarbarrena.

Panda Software’s expansion strategy centers on the concept of “Global thinking, local action,” and has seen it establish a solid presence across five continents. Panda Software’s outstanding expansion worldwide is largely fuelled by its dedication to meeting the protection needs of all its clients from large corporations to individual home-users. For large corporate environments the company provides Panda Antivirus Appliance, Panda Antivirus Enterprise Suite and Panda PerimeterScan, while businesses and professionals are catered for specifically with Panda Antivirus Platinum 7.0 and Panda Antivirus Small Business Edition. For home users, the company offers Panda Antivirus Titanium a powerful and simple to use solution against all virus threats.

Panda Software’s commitment to service means that it not only provides a range of antivirus solutions translated into 21 languages for the maximum number of environments and countries, but has also pioneered technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and offers daily updates for combating the new viruses that appear. Similarly, its SOS Virus service will resolve any incidents that occur due to new viruses, offering a rapid and effective solution.

About Panda Software

Panda Software () is a leading international developer of antivirus software for all types of customers: corporate clients, small and medium sized companies, and home users. Their 100% in-house, cutting-edge antivirus technology has received awards and quality certifications from the most widely-respected IT security institutions. Their commitment to client service and the concept of the protection of computer systems as a 24h-365d Insurance Policy rather than merely a software product have revolutionized the computer security industry. The quality of Panda Software’s products has been endorsed by major industry watchdogs including ICSA Labs and Checkmark.

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