Rainbow’s iKey USB Token Integrated Into Web-based Secure E-mail S-Mail.com

Dublin, Ireland, July 7th, 2003 – Network Research Lab Ltd. (NR Lab), a new provider of encrypted e-mail, today announced that the iKey USB token technology of Rainbow Technologies Inc has been integrated with the web-based secure e-mail S-Mail.com. This is the first time a USB device, that can secure any enabled workstation, has been successfully integrated with a secure web application S-Mail.com that has OpenPGP and SSL encryption mechanisms available.

Dmitriy Levin, Business Development Executive of NR Lab, said: “to meet new needs of users by creating of new options at S-Mail.com we should integrate it with secure platforms or appliances in order to deliver secure services to end users in a convenient way”. Securing application and adding two-factor authentication to S-Mail.com makes it more secured as a tool for digital communications. This is crucial because they are the core of today’s business or personal interactions. “Understanding that, we see it changes the way many implement security: from a perimeter security of networks focus moves to the application level. These trend results in an emergence of platforms, technologies and applications, that are expected to flourish”, he added.

Thus NR Lab has implemented the integration of the iKey USB token with the secure e-mail web service S-Mail.com. IKey, a well-known USB token from Rainbow Technologies Inc. (http://www.rainbow.com), can now be applied to S-Mail.com, a secure e-mail that uses public key encryption. NR Lab has added this new feature to the encrypted e-mail to enable a two-factor authentication at web service of S-Mail.com. Therefore, the benefits of S-Mail.com as secure e-mail fruitfully converge with the benefits of iKey USB token on the application level.

In the past, S-Mail.com relied on just a one-factor method of authentication: now, it additionally offers access via a USB token. iKey technologies were developed with awareness that passwords alone don’t provide protection. At the application level, only users applying a token with a correct PIN are able to access their e-mails or complete operations at S-Mail.com. The concept is quite simple: no access to secure application is possible unless the iKey is attached to the USB port with the right PIN or correct password entered (i.e. going by one-factor authentication).

“We think that not only the large businesses need to keep their information secure and protected. The individuals, SMEs, SOHO, and others also have the challenge of protecting their digital information”, concluded Dmitriy Levin, Business Development Executive, NR Lab. “Securing ultimately their e-mails with S-Mail.com, Network Research Lab ltd. increases the security of communications according NR Lab’s mission”.

Following a test period, iKey technology is now available at S-Mail.com. It’s now possible to export the private key, used with S-Mail.com, onto the USB Token iKey that can contain a username, password, private key and other data. All it takes for the user is to put-in his PIN-code and sign into their secure mailbox at S-Mail.com. To do this, the virtual keyboard is activated by double clicking on the password field on the login page (https://mail.s-mail.com). Any user can perform both operations – exporting S-Mail’s private key on the token and entering iKey’s PIN to sign in. The user needs to have an S-Mail account and iKey to carry out this process. This requirement provides integrative protection at both the token and application level. S-Mail.com offers free and paid accounts both accessible via iKey.

S-Mail.com servers automatically find and retrieve usernames, private keys and other data needed for login via PIN-code reception in the authentication process. While processing the data requested and checking the digital signature, the server accepts user authentication. After authentication, the entire sign-in process is completed. This innovation provides access to secure e-mail via the USB token iKey, resulting in trust in the secure services of S-Mail.com.

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