Excedent and SonMedia Partner to Offer Family-Safe Email to ISP Customers

Families Provided Email Accounts Protected From Spam and Viruses

Vienna, Virginia (August 20, 2003) – Excedent Technologies, a global leader in business email outsourcing, anti-virus and Spam filtering solutions, today announced a partnership with SonMedia Online, a provider of dial-up Internet access and integrated safety solutions for families across America. Excedent will provide all SonMedia customers with email access that is free from the nuisances on the Internet such as Spam, viruses and pornography.

“We chose Excedent as our email hosting partner because they bring a complete, managed email solution to the table,” commented Jeffrey Sesol, VP of Technology for SonMedia Online. “We wanted a single vendor that was expert in hosting the email, filtering the Spam, scanning for viruses, etc., rather than having to assemble a team of providers.”

“While the Internet is a wonderful resource for information, education and entertainment, it is also a direct pipeline into your home for pornographic and other material most parents find objectionable or dangerous for their children,” stated Michael Rhodes, CEO of SonMedia Online. “Our goal is to make the Internet a safe and educational experience for families and their children.”

“SonMedia and Excedent share the same goal of offering a safe and secure environment for Internet and email users,” explained Patrick Matthews, Chief Executive Officer of Excedent Technologies. “We are pleased to be serving SonMedia’s existing and future customer base with our complete email solution that features Excedent’s unique Spam DNA FilteringĀ® system to protect families from unwanted and inappropriate emails.”

About SonMedia Online
SonMedia Online is the first of eight media-related companies to be launched by SonMedia Holdings Inc., a privately held Illinois company located in the suburbs of Chicago. A next generation interactive media company, SonMedia Online offers an integrated package of Internet safety solutions to create a truly family-friendly Internet experience. Distributed exclusively through the company’s network of entrepreneurs (Representatives), SonMedia Online strives to serve the enlightened consumer by providing solutions that work – true protection from the potential harm that can touch the family through every Internet connection today. For more information, please visit www.sonmediaonline.com.

About Excedent Technologies
Excedent Technologies is a global leader in outsourced business email hosting solutions. The company provides small businesses and service providers with secure, reliable, Spam-free, Virus-free email. Excedent manages and maintains this critical communication infrastructure, freeing up valuable personnel resources and eliminating the need for customers to purchase email-related software, hardware or additional bandwidth. The company is privately held and serves more than 1,000 customers worldwide. For more information on Excedent’s small business email hosting plans, please visit www.webmail.us. For more information on service provider and enterprise email solutions, please visit www.excedent.com or call 866.EXCEDENT (392.3336).

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