Laptop Magazine Selects Network Associates’ McAfee PC Security Suite 7.0 As The ‘Ultimate Choice’ for Mobile and Notebook Users

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Network Associates, Inc. (NYSE: NET), the leading provider of intrusion prevention solutions, today announced their bundle of comprehensive online solutions for consumers, McAfee(R) PC Security Suite 7.0, has won Laptop magazine’s “Ultimate Choice” award. McAfee PC Security Suite 7.0, which includes online versions of McAfee(R) VirusScan(R), McAfee Personal Firewall Plus, and McAfee Privacy Service, was selected for the award based on its comprehensive set of security and privacy solutions and its ability to automatically check for updates online. The full review of McAfee Security Suite 7.0 can be found in the Fall 2003 issue of Laptop magazine.

“The utilization of laptop computers and the rapid adoption of wireless connectivity technologies contributed to the rise of mobile computer users. With the McAfee online security services, users are able to protect wireless PCs from a full-range of Internet security threats, allowing them to experience the Internet and mobility more freely,” said Lisa Henderson, vice president of consumer marketing, McAfee Security Consumer division at Network Associates(R). “We are pleased that Laptop editors have recognized and selected our comprehensive and easy-to-use bundle of online anti-virus, personal firewall and privacy services as the ‘ultimate choice’ to secure today’s mobile user.”

In a comprehensive review of security software, Laptop recognized McAfee PC Security Suite 7.0 for its strong personal firewall, anti-virus and privacy programs, but it was a number of unique features within the McAfee programs that caught the attention of editors. These award-winning features include:

Automatic Virus and Product Updates
McAfee VirusScan automatically checks for the latest virus definitions and product upgrades and downloads them onto the user’s PC to help ensure the user’s virus protection is always up-to-date and the user has the latest product features. According to Laptop, automatic updating is “a good way to guard against the latest bug before it makes the news.”

Detailed Firewall Reporting
McAfee Personal Firewall Plus provides users with informative reports detailing communications to and from their PC. Users can view detailed lists of attacks blocked by the firewall and applications that have attempted to connect to the Internet without the user’s consent. Laptop editors said the firewall’s reporting features, ” … can be a real eye opener for those who don’t realize how often they’re being scanned.”

Ad/Cookie Blocking
McAfee Privacy Service allows users to select which cookies and ads they want blocked. McAfee Privacy Service also warns users when a Web site attempts to place a cookie on your system and when an existing cookie attempts to send information out of your system.

Parental Controls
McAfee Privacy Service includes a number of tools that parents can use to protect their families while online, such as blocking children’s access to certain Web sites, and monitoring children’s chat sessions.

McAfee PC Security Suite 7.0, featuring McAfee VirusScan Online, McAfee Personal Firewall and McAfee Privacy Service, is currently available through the company’s Web site for $79.85 (USD). For more information and to purchase McAfee PC Security Suite 7.0 visit:

McAfee Security Consumer division at Network Associates, Inc., delivers world-class retail and online solutions designed to secure, protect and optimize the computers of consumers and home office users.

McAfee’s advanced retail desktop solutions include premier anti-virus, security, encryption, and desktop optimization software. McAfee’s managed Web security services employ a patented system and process of delivering software through an Internet browser to provide these services to users online through its Web site, one of the largest paid subscription sites on the Internet with over two million active paid subscribers.

About Network Associates, Inc.
With headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif., Network Associates, Inc. creates best-of-breed computer security solutions that prevent intrusions on networks and protect computer systems from the next generation of blended attacks and threats. Offering two families of products, McAfee System Protection Solutions, securing desktops and servers, and McAfee Network Protection Solutions, ensuring the protection and performance of the corporate network, Network Associates offers computer security to large enterprises, governments, small and medium sized businesses, and consumers. These two product portfolios incorporate Network Associates leading McAfee Security, Sniffer(R) Technologies and Magic Solutions(R) product lines. For more information, Network Associates can be reached at 972-963-8000 or on the Internet at .

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