F-Secure’s Security Solutions to Czech Telecom’s Customers

F-Secure Corporation (HEX: FSC), and Czech Telecom, the leading Czech Republic Telecommunications company, today announced that they have signed a partnership to offer managed security services to Czech Telefon’s residential and small business Internet customers.

Czech Telecom provides high-speed and high-quality Internet services in Czech Republic and has launched a managed antivirus and personal firewall service, under the name IOL Secure to its customers. Automatic updates of the virus base, ease of use together with powerful antivirus and firewall application are main benefits of the service. While Czech Telecom markets, sells and provides technical support for the services, F-Secure provides the security applications as well as the back-end technology to manage subscriptions, and hosts the service on behalf of Czech Telecom. The services are offered to the ADSL users and also for dial-up modem customers.

“As internet penetration and number of ADSL customers grow, customers in Czech republic are more and more exposed to various security threats. F-Secure Security as a Service solution bring clear benefits to Czech Telecom in today’s competitive business environment and offers multiple service extension possibilities. By offering F-Secure solution to our customers we are able to introduce a lot of additional value to our existing access services and increase our ARPU. By using a fully customized solution Czech Telecom also shows to the customer that security is an important matter in their strategy. We are happy to cooperate with F-Secure to offer our customers best possible protection”, says Jan Z??ruba, Director of Internet Products Development of Czech Telecom.

“Feedback from end users and a growing ADSL penetration confirms significant market demand in Czech Republic for automated antivirus services. It is important the service providers respond to the needs of the changing world and provide users with easy to use solutions for secure Internet use. As today’s virus attacks combine multiple threats also using hacking methods, traditional antivirus is not enough. The only way to protect our computers against these attacks is to have always-on and frequently up-dated virus protection combined by a firewall. We are pleased to partner with Czech Telecom to offer industry leading up-to-date security solutions to their customers,” says Kimmo Alkio, COO at F-Secure Corporation.

F-Secure’s security solutions as a subscription service are provided by the leading Telco operators and ISPs across Europe: Deutsche Telekom in Germany, Wanadoo in France, Glocalnet in Sweden, TeliaSonera in Sweden and Finland, Lietuvos Telekomas in Lithuania, Eesti Telefon in Estonia and Elisa Oyj in Finland.

About F-Secure Corporation

F-Secure Corporation is the leading provider of centrally managed security solutions for the mobile enterprise. The company’s award-winning products include antivirus, file encryption and network security solutions for major platforms from desktops to servers and from laptops to handhelds. Founded in 1988, F-Secure has been listed on the Helsinki Exchanges since November 1999. The company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, with the North American headquarters in San Jose, California, as well as offices in Germany, Sweden, Japan and the United Kingdom and regional offices in the USA. F-Secure is supported by a network of value added resellers and distributors in over 90 countries around the globe. Through licensing and distribution agreements, the company’s security applications are available for the products of the leading handheld equipment manufacturers, such as Nokia.

About Czech Telecom

CESK?? TELECOM, a.s., continues to strive to improve the quality of its services. The firm implements system management that satisfies the requirements of internationally-recognised ISO 9000:2000 norms, earning it certification from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited. Certificates have already been issued for the Service Wholesale Division, for Corporate Client Services in the Telecommunications Services Division, as well as Purchasing and Logistics.

With roughly 3.6 million telephone lines in operation, CESK?? TELECOM, a. s., is the leading telecommunications company in the Czech Republic. Through its subsidiary company Eurotel Praha, spol. s r.o., it also has a significant presence in the Czech mobile services market. CESK?? TELECOM pays close attention to the improvement in the growth potential of data and Internet services. According to GfK, a prominent market research firm, IT managers regard CESK?? TELECOM as the best data service provider in the Czech Republic. The company also intends to position itself as the country’s leading comprehensive service provider in the realms of e-commerce and other non-traditional business. It also places great emphasis on the presentation of its products and services through its web pages. The company’s web site ranked first in an evaluation of all Czech Top 100 corporate sites. Signum Temporis has consistently awarded CESK?? TELECOM for being one of the domestic capital market’s most transparent firms in terms of providing information. Based on an open vote of specialists, members of the press and a nine-member committee, CESK?? TELECOM placed first in 2003, just as it did in 2001. CESK?? TELECOM ranks among the most prominent firms on the Czech capital market in terms of capitalization and trading volumes. Its shares are also traded on the London Stock Exchange in the form of GDRs. CESK?? TELECOM’s credit rating is the highest a Czech corporation can receive from top international rating agencies

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