Iserv Selects Cobion’s OrangeBox Web for Content Filtering Service – iGuard

Michigan-based ISP selects Cobion technology that enables families to block inappropriate Internet content from entering the home.

BOSTON, MA – October 07, 2003 — Cobion Corp. (, a leading provider of Internet and e-mail content security software, today announced an agreement to supply Web filtering software to The Iserv Company, a growing Internet Service Provider (ISP) headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI.

Cobion’s OrangeBox Web Home software powers an Iserv-branded product called iGuard and is available for download by subscribers. Users are able to select their own filtering criteria, with individual settings for each family member, giving parents full control of what children can see and when they may access the Web.

“We chose Cobion primarily because their filtering quality is by far the best we’ve tested,” said Victor Shepherd, Chief Executive Officer of Iserv. “Cobion’s accurate, on-line database means our subscribers will keep out unwanted content without inadvertently blocking desirable information.”

OrangeBox Web Home supports popular browsers on Microsoft platforms and is based on Cobion’s powerful OrangeFilter, the world’s largest and most up-to-date categorized URL filtering database. The latest filtering information is always accessed directly from the Internet, freeing disk space on subscriber computers and eliminating the need for database maintenance downloads.

Iserv’s subscribers have come to expect the best quality Internet service,” said John Matera, President of Cobion Corp. Cobion is committed to giving Iserv the same edge in content security by providing the most advanced filtering technology.”

A special feature of OrangeBox Web Home is that the filter settings defined by the administrator are tamper-proof. Patented technology ensures that the security software package cannot be deleted by children or unauthorized users.

iGuard can be downloaded free by any Iserv customer for an initial 30-day trial period, with a small monthly charge thereafter.


About Cobion AG
Founded in 1997, Cobion’s mission is to keep inappropriate, illegal, or confidential information from entering or leaving organizations through the Web and e-mail. Cobion develops the OrangeBox Web (Web filter), OrangeBox Mail (e-mail and spam filter) and OrangeBox LAN (intranet filter) security products and distributes to customers worldwide to facilitate more productive Internet usage, reduced liability, and intellectual property protection. Cobion enables Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide content filtering to home and business subscribers. Manufacturers of firewalls, Web caches, proxies, routers, and other gateways integrate Cobion’s Web filter and/or anti-spam technology with their software or hardware products.

Cobion’s filtering database of over 20 million pre-categorized URLs is the largest and most accurate in the world and is available as a Web service as well as for download to local servers. Cobion is headquartered in Germany and Boston, Mass. with subsidiaries in London, UK and Shanghai, China. Please visit <>.

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