Microsoft Uses Norman Virus Control v5.6 with SandBox v.2 to check and Protect Microsoft Programs Against Malware

Norman Data Defense Systems, today announces that Microsoft has decided to use Norman Virus Control v.5.6 with SandBox v.2 as part of their anti-virus security policy. The anti-virus software is used in Microsoft’s release labs to ensure that all software is free from viruses and worms before being released to the end users. Microsoft has been one of the key partners in the beta testing of Norman Sandbox v2.

Norman’s SandBox technology makes it possible to catch virus and worms before virus signatures have been released. The Norman SandBox technology represents a milestone in non-signature based detection of new, unknown viruses. This unique technology stops and quarantines the malware attacking the machine based on its behaviors even before any virus signature file is created for this specific threat.

The latest widespread worm detected and stopped by Norman Virus Control using SandBox technology was the worm W32/Swen.A. Other recent viruses and worms stopped by this module are variants of Yaha, Blaster, Randex and Opaserv.

Norman Data Defense Systems will continue to support Microsoft with Norman Virus Control and will support all major operating systems delivered from Microsoft. With its commitment for the Microsoft platforms Norman is in the process of getting Microsoft Gold Partner certification for Independent Software Vendors.

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