GFI Issues Case Study About Manufacturer’s Use of DownloadSecurity

London, UK, 29 October 2003 – THERMO-KOOL/Mid-South Industries, Inc. protects its network against viruses, Trojans and malicious content in downloaded files through GFI DownloadSecurity for ISA Server, a content security product that controls what files enter the network via FTP and HTTP and ensures they are virus- free and not malicious. This deployment is detailed in a new case study issued by GFI.

“A multiple-layer defense against virus attacks and malicious content”

In the case study, Chris Moss, Accounting & IT Manager at THERMO-KOOL, explains that he began seeking a downloads security solution when he came across GFI’s security testing zone ( and ran the site’s free security tests to check how well-protected his network really was against viruses, worms and other malicious content.

Mr. Moss identified the need for a product that provides content checking and anti-virus protection for downloads. This product had to integrate with Microsoft ISA Server. “Microsoft ISA Server gave us the ability to integrate with Active Directory. This enables us to limit Internet access by groups,” Mr. Moss explained. “Also ISA is much more extensible. We can add additional ‘plug-ins’ to provide content checking, and other features.”

THERMO-KOOL’s choice fell upon GFI DownloadSecurity, which was built from the ground up to work with ISA Server. “We were impressed by GFI DownloadSecurity and preferred its features over those of other products. The inclusion of multiple virus engines, content rules and scanning before items were saved on the network were huge plus points,” Mr. Moss pointed out. “Also, the fact that the files were checked during downloads was crucial to us.”

Describing the product’s key benefits, Mr. Moss said: “GFI DownloadSecurity is cost-effective as it enables us to license by authorized Internet user, rather than by the entire Active Directory user list. Also, GFI DownloadSecurity provides us with a front-line defense against threats at the firewall. It provides us with a multiple-layer, three virus engine defense against virus attacks and malicious content.”

The full case study can be viewed at

About GFI DownloadSecurity for ISA Server

GFI DownloadSecurity for ISA Server enables administrators to assert control over what files users download from HTTP and FTP sites, and content checks all downloads for malicious content and viruses. GFI DownloadSecurity includes multi anti- virus engines, to guarantee higher detection rate and faster response to new viruses; the ability to quarantine downloads based on file type and user; a Trojan & Executable Scanner, to detect malicious executables; network-wide blocking of Java applets and ActiveX controls; seamless integration with Microsoft ISA Server; and more.

Users do not notice GFI DownloadSecurity until they download a file: Then GFI DownloadSecurity displays a download progress dialog box and the download proceeds. Once the download is complete, GFI DownloadSecurity scans the file for viruses. If the file has no viruses and does not trigger a rule set by the security administrator, the user receives it immediately. If the file triggers a rule, it is put into quarantine for administrator approval. Once approved, the file is sent to the user as an email attachment or link. If the file is rejected, the user is notified. More product information and the freeware version can be found at

About THERMO-KOOL/Mid-South Industries, Inc

THERMO-KOOL/Mid-South Industries, Inc. is a leading US manufacturer of custom walk-in refrigeration and freezers based in Laurel, MS, with over 100 employees.

About GFI

GFI is a leading provider of Windows-based network security, content security and messaging software. Key products include the GFI FAXmaker fax connector for Exchange and fax server for networks; GFI MailSecurity email content/exploit checking and anti-virus software; GFI MailEssentials server-based anti-spam software; GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner (N.S.S.) security scanning and patch management software; and GFI LANguard Security Event Log Monitor (S.E.L.M.) that performs event log based intrusion detection and network-wide event log management. Clients include Microsoft, Telstra, Time Warner Cable, Shell Oil Lubricants, NASA, DHL, Caterpillar, BMW, the US IRS, and the USAF. GFI has offices in the US, the UK, Germany, Cyprus, Romania, Australia and Malta, and operates though a worldwide network of distributors. GFI is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and has won the Microsoft Fusion (GEM) Packaged Application Partner of the Year award.

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