nCipher Boosts Secure Web Server Performance

nCipher’s products od display

nCipher introduced the nForce 1600, a new addition to its nForce family of hardware security modules (HSM).

The new nForce 1600 HSM combines cryptographic key security with SSL acceleration and can support up to 1600 new SSL connections per second, typically at least a ten-fold increase over an unaccelerated server, enabling more widespread adoption of SSL without incurring a performance penalty. nForce also provides a higher level of security by safeguarding the essential SSL keys and performing all cryptographic operations in a safe, isolated hardware environment within the host server.

The critical security characteristics of the new nForce 1600 have been independently validated to the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 2 – one of the most stringent standards in the IT security industry.

Simon Avarne, vice president of product management at nCipher said: “Not only does nForce 1600 protect cryptographic keys to ensure the highest level of Web server security, it also provides powerful acceleration capabilities that eliminate potential SSL bottlenecks that slow or freeze online transactions, causing frustration for customers and risk of lost business for companies”.

For more information on nCipher, XML and enterprise security, read an interview with Dr. Nicko van Someren, nCipher’s CTO.

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