Northeast Security Services Organization Recommends That Small and Medium Businesses Pay Special Attention to Information Security

SMBs accessing the Internet via DSL or Cable, must include a minimum level of security to protect their electronic information. IGX Global, Inc., a security services organization, suggests the SMBs establish a minimal security policy including off-premise firewall protection and virus-scanning that includes spam control.

Hackensack, NJ (PRWEB) November 5, 2003 — Northeast Security Services Organization Recommends that Small and Medium Businesses pay Special Attention to Information Security.

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) are aggressively increasing their efforts of embracing the Internet and more importantly transporting data over the Internet. Especially when it comes to utilizing email with their business partners and establishing VPNs from their headquarter locations, including Small and Home offices (SOHOs). Email is improving communications, while VPNs over broadband (DSL or Cable) are reducing telecommunications costs.

Without a minimum level of security, that includes firewall protection and virus-scanning, these SMBs are leaving themselves vulnerable to attacks. This is easily accomplished intentionally by a hacker or unintentionally by a user. When this occurs, the SMB is usually unaware, potentially allowing the hacker access to confidential information or corrupting it. Many SMBs have Internet access, but no security, or no time to update and sustain a responsible level of security required to protect their organizations and business partners.

If the SMB receives a virus via their email system, that virus can easily propagate itself throughout the company, while SMB end-users then send it out to their business partners if unnoticed. This can even occur with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) provided or onsite email system. Since the SMBs may communicate with other unprotected business partners, their partners are also vulnerable to these same viruses that are sent. This potential can open a legal issue or at a minimum cause embarrassment which would leave to lost business.

Any virus that hits a network and spread internally consumes resources, which SMBs typically do not have. These resources need to contain the virus, clean workstations, and then eliminate the virus. Thus, SMBs are not focusing on generating revenue for their business, but instead, reacting to the virus.

IGX Global, Inc., a security services organization, suggests the SMBs establish a minimal security policy including off-premise firewall protection and virus-scanning that includes spam control. By having these security components offsite, the SMB is provided extra protection. Security risks are identified before entering the SMB location.

IGX Global’s Security Solution for SMBs includes:

” firewall management
” secure mail (virus-scanning and SPAM control) with real-time reporting and an
” audit and validation review.

IGX Global receives all the SMB’s mail. This allows the SMB to limit access to your mail system to IGX Global’s redundant mail servers. This means that your mail system is not exposed to everyone on the Internet. The IGX Global network takes the first “hit”, validating the email, before sending it on to the SMB. IGX Global bears the brunt of all direct attacks such as “denial of service” attempts. IGX Global catches individual viruses that try to sneak through and also the massive attacks that can easily overrun most other mail systems. The entire operation is transparent to the SMBs, their users and partners, eliminating an open door into their network. The SMB’s security program is managed 365 days a year. For the SMB to implement a security program themselves, the SMB would be required to allocate resources to design, install and maintain. This is costly and time-consuming. Utilizing a security services provider, allows the SMB to focus on its core business, while securing their network and email at a minimal cost. IGX Global’s Security Solution for SMBs is easy to implement, with ongoing dependability.

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