New Worldwide Launch: Panda Webadmin AntiVirus, The Definitive Antivirus Solution For Small To Mid-Sized Companies

Next Monday, December 22, will see the worldwide launch of the new Panda WebAdmin Antivirus, a revolutionary, ‘hands-off’ antivirus product with remote Web-based administration, making it the ideal solution for protecting small to mid-sized corporate networks, as companies won’t need specialized IT security staff.

Thanks to its new and revolutionary technologies, the new Panda WebAdmin Antivirus has been designed to protect all computers, -workstations or file servers-, including those without a connection to the local network, those in remote branch offices, laptop users on the move…no matter where they are. This flexibility is possible thanks to a range of deployment and update options offered by the new Panda Software product.

Panda WebAdmin Antivirus is administered from a single Web console which can be accessed from anywhere, at any time -even from home-, with up-to-the-minute information on the network as well as information on the world virus situation, the latest computer threats, etc.

Panda WebAdmin Antivirus has been built around the latest technological advances and meets the precise needs of today’s small to medium enterprises who need a simple to use solution with powerful protection capacity. This solution is quick and simple to administer -saving valuable resources-, and can be managed centrally, even for highly mobile laptop users or branch offices, from a single, secure console accessible from any Internet connection. Panda WebAdmin Antivirus has a range of innovative features including:

Ø It scans all file types including compressed formats. This process can be configured simply, at any time and it is even possible to schedule scans anywhere on the network from the Web console.

Ø The versatility of the product extends to the updates which are carried out daily and automatically but can be also be set to be carried out at different intervals. A typical customization is to set the updates to take place before the start of the working day, to ensure maximum protection throughout the day.

Ø Advanced users can manage groups of users and apply different security policies to each, as and when this may be necessary.

Ø Dynamic up-to-the-minute reports give those in charge of security a clear view of the network status, virus detections, disinfections, etc…

To keep each and every computer up-to-date, Panda WebAdmin Antivirus uses two innovative technologies:

Ø Distributed Server Internet Sharing, which allows computers without an Internet connection to update via the connection of other computers.

Ø Distributed Server File Sharing, which lets machines that have already updated distribute the update to others, ensuring maximum protection against the viruses that appear every day, saving valuable network bandwidth.

The advantages of Panda WebAdmin Antivirus over traditional antivirus applications include:

Ø It is easier to install and manage, reducing personnel costs.

Ø Web-based administration allows access from absolutely anywhere -particularly useful for companies providing IT support to SMEs.

Ø Optimized resource use in protected computers and minimal bandwidth consumption, leading to substantial savings and maximum performance.

Ø Guarantees the protection of computers without an Internet connection thanks to the capacity to update across local networks.

Ø Secure communication and fault-tolerance.

Ø Allows personalized settings adjusted to the needs of each user.

Finally, Panda WebAdmin Antivirus includes Panda Software’s corporate tech support services: telephone or e-mail support, to rapidly resolve any incident; daily updates against new viruses; 24h-SOS Virus, to deal with suspicious files; proactive information, with up-to-the-minute details of the latest viruses and the global situation.


Minimum system requirements for Panda WebAdmin Antivirus are quite basic: 486 processor (66 MHz); 16 MB RAM, and 20 MB free disk space, and installation can be carried out in two ways:

Ø Through an automatically generated URL. The Panda Software server creates an Internet address to which users of the corporate network can connect to automatically download and install the antivirus software on their computers. This method is ideal for protecting laptops, with only sporadic connections to the network.

Ø Remote installation. This option, by downloading an ActiveX control, allows the antivirus to be installed on all computers in the corporate network, even those without an Internet connection.

Prices and availability

The new Panda WebAdmin Antivirus will be available from Panda Software’s website () from December 22. The new product provides protection for workstations, at €49.95 per license, as well as servers and workstations, at €69.94 per license (price range applies to up to 25 licenses with one year’s services: updates, tech support via phone and e-mail, 24h-SOS Virus).

In addition, the trial version of the product is available at . The trial version can be installed in 5 workstations and 1 server and includes all servers for 15 days.

Panda WebAdmin Antivirus is powered by Secure Resolutions technology. More information at: .

About Panda Software

Panda Software (), a world leader in virus and intrusion prevention, offers unrivalled proactive security solutions for all types of users, from the largest corporations through small and medium-sized companies to home users. Its corporate products offer hassle-free automatic and centralized administration and provide network-wide protection, via multi-layer security technology, to ensure uniform protection across the enterprise, from remote users and workstations to mail gateways and internal and perimeter servers. Panda Software’s solutions have received awards and quality certifications from the sector’s most widely-respected organizations, including ICSA Labs and Checkmark and its commitment to customer service, innovative products, and the pioneering concept of 24h-365d tech support have revolutionized the IT security industry.

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