GFI Announces its Linux Development Plans

Hannover, Germany, 18 March 2004 – GFI, leading developer of content security, anti-spam, messaging and network security and monitoring software, has announced at CeBIT 2004 that it will soon release a Linux version of GFI MailSecurity. GFI is also developing increased Linux support in all its products. The company is exhibiting at stand G09 in Hall 6.

“Linux has matured as an operating system and is now a viable server and workstation platform for any organization,” said Nick Galea, CEO of GFI Software Ltd. “The fact that IBM, Novell and other major companies have committed to this platform means that the Linux market is poised for tremendous growth. We expect an increasing number of organizations to have mixed Linux/Windows environments, and they will therefore require their application vendors to support both Linux and Windows.”

“We have followed Linux development for several years now, and we think that it’s the right time to enter the market. The Linux OS has strengths such as reliability, cost and application support that enable it to add value to the networks of small and large companies alike,” said David Vella, Security Product Manager at GFI.

GFI MailSecurity and GFI MailEssentials for Linux

The first product to be released on Linux will be GFI MailSecurity, GFI’s email content checking, exploit detection, anti-Trojan and anti-virus product. Broadly speaking, the same feature set available today on Windows (more information is available at will be available on Linux. This release will be followed by GFI MailEssentials for Linux, GFI’s server-based anti-spam product (current product information:

GFI LANguard S.E.L.M. and N.S.S. to have improved Linux support

GFI’s network security products, GFI LANguard S.E.L.M. – an event monitoring tool – and GFI LANguard N.S.S. – a network security scanner – will receive improved Linux support. GFI LANguard N.S.S. 5, due out this month, offers extensive Linux security vulnerability checking. GFI LANguard S.E.L.M. 6, currently in development, will now also be able to monitor Linux machines. (For current product information, one can visit and respectively.)

GFI Network Server Monitor

GFI’s network monitoring application, GFI Network Server Monitor (, already includes Linux support, via its ability to execute RSH scripts. Future versions will offer greater Linux support, including SSH support and additional inbuilt Linux checks and monitoring scripts.

About GFI

GFI is a leading provider of Windows-based network security, content security and messaging software. Key products include the GFI FAXmaker fax connector for Exchange and fax server for networks; GFI MailSecurity email content/exploit checking and anti-virus software; GFI MailEssentials server-based anti-spam software; GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner (N.S.S.) security scanning and patch management software; GFI Network Server Monitor that automatically sends alerts, and corrects network and server issues; and GFI LANguard Security Event Log Monitor (S.E.L.M.) that performs event log based intrusion detection and network-wide event log management. Clients include Microsoft, Telstra, Time Warner Cable, Shell Oil Lubricants, NASA, DHL, Caterpillar, BMW, the US IRS, and the USAF. GFI has offices in the US, the UK, Germany, Cyprus, Romania, Australia and Malta, and operates through a worldwide network of distributors. GFI is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and has won the Microsoft Fusion (GEM) Packaged Application Partner of the Year award.

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