Version 2.00 of Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client – a New Solution To Securing Access to Citrix Servers

May, 13 – Dekart announces the release of version 2.00 of Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client, a solution for making the access to Citrix server resources easier, faster and more secure. The new version allows users to stop memorizing their passwords, by securely storing multiple connections and passwords on hardware devices and using them to conveniently access their Citrix resources. Citrix users gain the flexibility to select from different smart cards, hardware tokens, as well as USB flash drives and other types of removable media to provide fast and convenient two- or three-factor authentication within their Citrix environment.

The following capabilities of Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client enhance the security of Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server software:

* No password problem: the need to remember connection details and passwords is eliminated. User credentials are stored on the smart cards, hardware tokens or USB flash drives, easily connected to the computer.
* Simplified connection procedure: once configured to start specific connection on hardware token insertion event, the connection becomes fully automatic and fast.
* Hardware variety: the ability to choose from a large list of supported devices, from different vendor’ smart cards and tokens to ordinary USB flash drives, allows choosing the device which would best satisfy user’s needs
* Mobility: The ability to store multiple connections on the same device allows users to enjoy even greater mobility already offered by Citrix.
* Secure Workstation: Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client can be configured to either lock the workstation (Disconnect) or to log off from Citrix server upon removal of the card, hardware token or USB drive;
* Multi-factor Authentication: users can be positively identified for access to Citrix-based resources via a wide range of digital identity credentials and biometric devices;

Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client combines all necessary functionality with manageability, security and ease-of-use. With Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client, any organization can conveniently add the strength of multi-factor authentication for login to Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server sessions, and eliminate the risks of passwords being lost, forgotten or stolen. Users enjoy faster and more convenient identification, instead of wasting time manually entering their usernames and passwords. They can, for example, simply insert a smart card (or connect a USB flash to the computer) and, optionally, place a finger on a biometric scanner for gaining access to Citrix server. One Key Storage Device, depending on its memory volume, can store many different connections using different user names and servers.

Version 2.00 offers a cost-effective approach to user convenience and enhanced security for remote Citrix connections. User credentials can now be securely stored not only on smart cards or USB tokens, but also on USB drives or other removable media (FDD, CD, CD/R, CD/RW, MO, MD, ZIP-disks, Pocket PCs, all types of flash memory cards) preserving the same functionality and security. Users are now able to secure their connections to Citrix servers using the devices they use in everyday life, with no additional investments in smart card or USB token equipment.

With the release of the new version, Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client becomes available for free download, which makes it more accessible to a larger number of different users. Download and try during 30-days trial period:

Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client price is now as low as $39.00 – personal or commercial license and $19 – student license. For a limited time, customers purchasing Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client will get a 50% discount on Dekart Private Disk, an easy-to-use and reliable disk encryption software, thus obtaining a great opportunity to protect their sensitive data.

The new version and the 50% discount on Dekart Private Disk can be obtained here:[531133]=1&languageid=1#

Student license:[531262]=1&languageid=1&pc=f2q1t

About Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client

Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client is an easy-to-use and reliable solution, allowing remote users to securely access Citrix server and its resources, using hardware-enhanced authentication solutions. With tokens, smart cards and USB flash drives that store Citrix ICA connection details and biometric data, and tight integration with Citrix ICA Client, Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client lets you easily and cost-effectively eliminate the password risk. Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client helps ensure that only authorized users who are positively authenticated gain access. More information about Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client can be obtained here:

About Dekart

Dekart, committed to securing enterprise digital assets and protecting sensitive information of individuals, provides cost-effective, easy to deploy solutions that combine password, USB tokens or smart cards and biometric security. Dekart security solutions enable enterprises to reduce risk of unauthorized access and protect users from losing their personal information. More about Dekart can be found at

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