Kaspersky Labs Steps Forward with Linux – The Company Becomes a SUSE Technology Partner

Kaspersky Labs, a leading information security software developer, announces extended collaboration to work with Novell Corporation on SUSE LINUX. Having successfully undergone certification by SUSE LINUX AG, a subsection of Novell, the company has been awarded SUSE Technology Partner Status, and Kaspersky Labs solutions for Linux are denoted as SUSE LINUX READY by Novell. This attests to the fact that the company’s products fully meet the criteria set by Novell.

The partnership is a result of Kaspersky Labs’ concerted efforts to closely integrate its products with the most popular Linux distributions. Independent comparative tests regularly confirm the high reliability and productivity of the company’s products for Linux.

The SUSE Technology Partner and SUSE LINUX READY programs confer a wide range of both techical and commercial benefits. One of the greatest advantages for participants is the information service: this includes access to the latest news briefings and to the special SUSE partner network designed to encourage interaction between developers of SUSE Linux applications. Also included is free access to all SUSE Linux products and technical documentation, as well as analytical research.

As a SUSE Technology Partner, Kaspersky Labs will also receive comprehensive technical support. This ranges from consulting services from SUSE experts when implementing projects for SUSE Linux distributions, the opportunity to participate in a wide range of seminars, and access to the extensive SUSE Knowledge Base.

“In creating a dedicated Technology Partnership Program, Novell had several goals, including encouraging the free exchange of innovative ideas between SUSE Linux product developers, and helping users understand the Linux products on offer. That’s why the program focuses on the exchange of information on new products and technical issues, and the provision of real support in developing and implementing Linux solutions. We are sure that Kaspersky Labs, a new Technology Partner, will make a significant contribution to the success of the program” said (Konstantin Stovolosov, head of the Novell Moscow representative office.

“Linux systems are becoming more and more popular on the international software market, especially among corporate users. SUSE is one of the most successful Linux distributions; compatibility with SUSE products was one of Kaspersky Labs’ key conditions for creating software solutions for Linux. SUSE Technology Partner status means that we will be able to not only increase the effectiveness of our Linux products, but also share our experience and expertise with other developers.” commented Denis Zenkin, Kaspersky Labs’ Head of Corporate Communications.

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