ENDFORCE To Deliver Enhanced Endpoint Enforcement To Enterprises By Leveraging Network Access Protection Capabilities From Microsoft

Dublin, Ohio, July 13, 2004— ENDFORCE, Inc., the first software-only, vendor-neutral solution for the definition and enforcement of network endpoint security policies, today announced that its flagship software, ENDFORCE Enterprise, will leverage and extend key capabilities of Network Access Protection (NAP) technology from Microsoft, including the ability to quarantine non-compliant users.

“Businesses and major corporations can quickly and efficiently implement endpoint security compliance enforcement by utilizing ENDFORCE Enterprise,” said Steve Anderson, director in the Windows Server Group at Microsoft Corp. “ENDFORCE and Network Access Protection technology from Microsoft will improve overall enterprise security by decreasing the risk of introducing viruses and mal-ware from all computers that link to corporate networks.”

The enforcement of security policies for mobile and LAN-attached endpoints has quickly grown to become one of the most important challenges facing enterprises and government organizations today. ENDFORCE Enterprise protects corporations from threats posed by non-compliant endpoints by providing enforcement across a wide range of security applications, infrastructure and operating systems. Prior to authentication, ENDFORCE Enterprise detects unsecured endpoints and prevents them from accessing corporate resources, ensuring that potential vulnerabilities remain isolated and protecting the enterprise until the compromised endpoint is brought into compliance.

“Network Access Protection technology from Microsoft is a perfect fit with ENDFORCE’s overall focus on endpoint compliance enforcement”, said ENDFORCE President and Chief Executive Officer Greg Moore. “Our ability to define, assess, report and proactively enforce endpoint security policies for a comprehensive list of operating systems, security applications and infrastructure, fits well with NAP’s ability to quarantine and remediate those policies on Windows XP and the Windows 2003 family of servers.”

By extending Microsoft’s standards-based NAP architecture, ENDFORCE enhances its ability to provide endpoint compliance enforcement for the broadest possible set of industry partners, eliminating the need for enterprise customers to “rip and replace” existing security applications and network assets. ENDFORCE Enterprise includes support for industry-leading operating systems, personal firewall, anti-virus, and network infrastructure products, enabling customers to easily integrate endpoint compliance enforcement into their overall security strategy. The company’s software-only approach, which is built on the Microsoft Windows Server System allows its enterprise customers to make the most of proven, previously deployed enterprise systems and applications, improving their return on prior investments.

ENDFORCE software currently performs over five million security assurances per month. The company’s software enables enterprises to centrally define security policies for network endpoints, consistently assess compliance prior to network access, comprehensively report the state of compliance over time, and proactively enforce compliance for leading security applications and operating systems.

About ENDFORCE, Inc.
ENDFORCE provides the first software-only, vendor-neutral framework that enables enterprise security administrators and executives to define and enforce endpoint security policies for their users. ENDFORCE has established itself as a leader by creating innovative software that automates the design, deployment, and ongoing management of configurations and security policies for both fixed and mobile endpoints. Based in Dublin, Ohio, ENDFORCE is privately held, with investors including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Invesco Private Capital, and Microsoft. For more information visit www.endforce.com or call 866-777-2537.

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