Disk Encryption Solution ProtectDrive 7.1.0 Released With Added Support For Large-Scale Installations

Krefeld, Germany – July 21, 2004 – Eracom Technologies, a leading developer and global supplier of cryptographic technologies and solutions, today announced the release of version 7.1.0 of disk encryption solution ProtectDrive â„?. Eracom has released ProtectDriveâ„? 7.1.0 with a variety of new features which increase the usability and manageability of the product as well as introducing enhanced features and increased support for large-scale installations.

The release showcases new features such as more flexible user authentication mechanisms to cover individual corporate policies, while minimizing the administrative burden for management and support centres. Interoperability with third-party products has been extended and refined to allow for seamless integration of ProtectDriveâ„? into an organisations existing and future IT-infrastructure. Eracom COO EMEA Ansgar Dodt commented, “The new release of ProtectDriveâ„? will further reduce the hurdles for company-wide deployments of a disk encryption solution. Eracom has invested significantly to address the rising demands of IT departments for low Total Cost of Ownership while maintaining maximum security and we look forward to continuing on our path to make ProtectDriveâ„? the leading disk encryption product also in the European and American markets.

For user authentication, it is now possible to disable ProtectDriveâ„? password strength checking if a corresponding Windows security policy is in place. User lock-out parameters like number of attempts and lock-out time are configurable. Additional smart cards and tokens for strong authentication can be added via the published Eracom Token-API, which allows integration of additional authentication devices in minimum time. To facilitate access of protected machines for remote and travelling users, the remote password recovery/reset mechanism has been refined and the challenge/response mechanism optimised. For users with smart card/token authentication and the ProtectDriveâ„? integration with corporate PKI, customers can configure the product to either allow no access without token, or to allow Windows password fallback, optionally with the requirement to successfully authenticate pre-boot with a spare token and certificate.

Improved GINA-chaining, leading to higher interoperability with the authentication mechanisms of third-party products allows for Single Sign-On (SSO) without compromises on security. With the existing PKI-enablement of ProtectDriveâ„? and the integration into Active Directory, Total Cost of Ownership is minimized. The Active Directory integration enables the installer, for example, to select entire user groups from the Active Directory that can then logon pre-boot with their token and without further configuration.

Support for multiple boot systems with a configurable boot menu (up to 4 operating systems on one machine) will facilitate the use of disk encryption for machines with several operating systems installed. The ProtectDrive â„? system files are now protected against defragmentation by Windows’ defragmentation tools. Security relevant operations like installation, decryption and removal of ProtectDrive â„? require that a Security Officer (Administrator) presents the ProtectDriveâ„? recovery key, which is typically stored on some removable medium. ProtectDrive â„? now supports removable media other than floppy disks to store the recovery key and registration information, thereby extending the existing deployment options.

This release of ProtectDriveâ„? incorporates a completely revised set of diagnostic and recovery tools, which will enable data recovery after equipment malfunction, e.g. hard disk failure and subsequent system data corruption. Organizations will now also be able create their own recovery keys ensuring maximum privacy for their sensitive data. As always, parameters to configure ProtectDrive â„? according to an institution’s needs can be set centrally and distributed across the enterprise, during or after installation.

About Eracom

Celebrating 25 years (1979-2004) of excellence in cryptography, Eracom Technologies is a leading developer and global supplier of cryptographic hardware and software products. As a true pioneer in the IT security industry, Eracom offers proven cryptographic security solutions to a wide range of industries including banking, finance, government and technology sectors. In the last two decades alone, Eracom has successfully developed and deployed several generations of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to the market as well as a range of advanced cryptographic APIs and privacy of information products.

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