CREDANT Technologies Demonstrates Market Leadership with Global Agreement to Provide Security for New HP iPAQ hx4700 Series Pocket PC

San Francisco, CA ” July 27, 2004 ” CREDANT Technologies, the market leader in providing software that enables organizations to control security enterprise-wide for mobile workers, today announced that its award-winning CREDANT Mobile Guardian client security software will be embedded in the new HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PCs. The enhanced security offering, HP ProtectTools, secured by CREDANT Technologies, enables security-conscious mobile professionals to control access to their handheld devices and protect stored sensitive data. The iPAQ devices featuring HP ProtectTools software will be demonstrated in San Francisco, CA, as part of HP”s 12-city 2004 Wireless & Mobility Road Show, at which CREDANT is representing mobile security as an industry leader and HP partner.

Powerful and wireless-ready, handheld devices are being adopted into organizations today faster than any other computing platform. Gartner predicts that by the year 2005, 40 percent of corporate data will reside on smart handheld devices. If inadequately protected, these devices are an open door to valuable corporate information and networked resources, a risk that exposes an organization to financial loss, legal liability and brand damage. Organizations are beginning to realize that the cost of replacing a lost or stolen handheld device pales in comparison to the cost of exposed sensitive information, such as merger and acquisition activity, financial reports, or pre-release press announcements. By selecting a new iPAQ hx4700 with HP ProtectTools, secured by CREDANT Technologies, mobile professionals can address these risks with multiple levels of security.

With HP ProtectTools, secured by CREDANT Technologies, mobile professionals can easily support an organization”s security policies by using a PIN or password to control access, implementing industry-standard encryption to protect stored data, and providing fail-safe actions that automatically occur if a device is lost or stolen. By selecting either a PIN or password, a user is assured that only s/he gains access to the device. In the event a user forgets a PIN or password, access can be regained by entering an answer to a pre-selected question. A second layer of defense can be established with encryption, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential. A user can encrypt email, contacts, calendar, notes, My Documents and other files that are then automatically protected whether stored on the device or an external storage card. In the event that a mobile device is lost or stolen, aggressive fail-safe actions can be automatically invoked to hard reset the device back to factory defaults after a pre-determined number of access attempts. Organizations that select the HP iPAQ hx4700 handheld as a component of their mobility strategy are not only mitigating risk, but are also creating a mobile security foundation that can be integrated into their enterprise security infrastructure in the future. With HP ProtectTools, secured by CREDANT Technologies, device-level security is already in place and organizations can transition the enforcement of security from the mobile professional to a centralized IT function by upgrading to CREDANT Mobile Guardian (CMG) Group Edition or Enterprise Edition. CMG Enterprise Edition, generally available since 2002, is for large organizations requiring a centralized solution that integrates with their existing IT infrastructure. CMG Group Edition is for small to mid-size organizations with limited IT resources or groups of users where mobile applications are being rolled out to high-risk users.

“We are extremely proud of our business relationship with a world-class company like HP. As the industry leader in mobile security, we look forward to the opportunity to leverage their strength to help propel security adoption within the mobile device market,” said Bob Heard, president and CEO, CREDANT Technologies. “Combining the leading-edge capabilities of the HP iPAQ hx4700 with integrated security from CREDANT is a giant step toward alleviating concerns over the use of mobile devices to store and manage sensitive, business-critical information.”

“HP and CREDANT have built a strong relationship over the last year culminating in the creation of the highly innovative HP ProtectTools software,” said Eric Kilponen, director of product marketing for Handhelds at HP. “Customers choosing the HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PCs can now protect their data with a strong out-of-the-box, end-user configurable security application. IT departments can also use the HP ProtectTools software to evaluate CREDANT”s underlying security capabilities when considering corporate deployments of robust, centrally managed security policies using the CREDANT Mobile Guardian solution.”

About CREDANT Technologies
CREDANT Technologies is the market leader in providing software that enables organizations to control security enterprise-wide for mobile workers by protecting mobile devices, wireless access and the enterprise from unsecured mobile devices. The award-winning Enterprise Edition of CREDANT Mobile Guardian protects corporate data with robust cross-platform security for PDAs, smartphones, laptops and tablets and uniquely integrates with enterprise directories for centralized policy management and administration. Accommodating phased trends in mobile and wireless deployment, the CREDANT Mobile Guardian suite includes Group and Personal Editions, which allow organizations to safely mobilize applications for individuals and groups of users. By providing a migration path between CREDANT products, organizations are assured that the solution they select now will support their mobile security requirements long-term. CREDANT is recognized as the visionary leader in mobile data protection by Gartner, and has been selected by Red Herring as one of the top 100 privately-held companies for 2004. Customers and strategic partners include Global 2000 companies such as EDS, HP, IBM Global Services, Intel, Microsoft, PalmOne, PalmSource, Schindler Elevator, Symbol and U.S. Army Medical Command. Austin Ventures, Intel Capital and Menlo Ventures are investors in CREDANT Technologies. For more information, visit

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