Top Search Engines Are Affected by Mydoom.N Worm

– Google problems include personal e-mail address spoofing that Mydoom repeats repetitively
– Panda’s New TruPrevent Technologies combat viruses and intrusions (currently in beta) detected and blocked Mydoom.N, without having a signature file!
– Due to its capacity to spread via e-mail, it is probable that the number of PCs affected will increase in the next few hours and slow down e-mail services
– The new free tool PQRemove detects and remove Mydoom.N and is available to all users

The new Mydoom.N worm has caused critical problems in some search engines such as Google, Altavista, Lycos and Yahoo!. Some users have gotten error pages due to the searching that this worm carries out through these engines.

Mydoom.N checks out every e-mail address stolen from affected computers in Lycos, Altavista, Yahoo and Google. These engines, flooded by the several requests, stop working properly. In addition, this fact is causing the increase of the Internet traffic, that, it can also affect the entire Internet.

Mydoom.N spreads fast via e-mail all over the world, so that, in a few hours the number of affected PCs can be very high. It is very likely that the e-mail systems can slow down because the big amount of traffic generated by this worm.

Mydoom.N installs a file that opens a port and listens to it, thus behaving as a backdoor. By doing so, it allows hackers to remotely access the affected computer in order to carry out actions that would compromise users confidentiality or impede normal work.

In order to minimize the effects, Panda Software offers to all the users the free tool PQRemove to detect and disinfect Mydoom.N. This tool is available at:

On the other hand, the new Panda Software’s TruPrevent Technologies have detected and blocked successfully Mydoom.N, without knowing beforehand this malicious code The new TruPrevent Technologies are available in beta version to download at They will be launching next 29th July. The new TruPrevent Technologies are “The most intelligent Technologies to combat unknow viruses and intruders” and are designed to stop the worms attacks, like MyDoom.N, by behavioural analysis. They are a complement of the traditional antivirus, as they are capable of detect and block the unknown viruses.

Luis Corrons, Head of PandaLabs, says: “The new virus is following the way left by the original Mydoom worm some months ago. It appeared 26th January and affected hundred of thousands of computers in a few hours. Due the capacity of spreading of this new virus and the way it reaches the PCs, like a rejected e-mail, it is probably the number of infections can grow up rapidly in the next hours”.

Due to the risk of being infected by Mydoom.N, Panda Software advises users to stay on their guard and make sure their antivirus is updated. The company has already made the updates to its products available to its clients to ensure their solutions can detect and eliminate Mydoom.N.

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