Central Command Helps Schools Solve The Computer Virus Plague

MEDINA, Ohio August 31, 2004 Central Command, Inc. a leading provider of Microsoft Windows®, Linux®, FreeBSD and OpenBSD anti-virus software, announced today its “Safe@School” initiative, a program designed to affordably defend educational networks from computer virus attacks and raise security awareness among students, teachers and staff.

With over 100,000 known computer viruses, schools must have dependable antivirus protection and institute a heightened awareness to computer security hazards, which are inevitable. To combat these necessities, Central Command® developed its Safe@School Vexira Antivirus initiative. Through the initiative, educational institutions can purchase Vexira Antivirus for Microsoft Windows or Linux for only $1.79 per one-year workstation license with additional discounts available. Also included in the initiative are one-to-one matching licenses for free faculty and staff home use, ensuring a virus free atmosphere as documents and emails are often times exchanged to and from home computers to educational networks. A student use option is also available under the initiative.

“Vexira Antivirus is the ideal solution for colleges, universities and K-12 schools to affordably defend themselves from computer virus attacks,” said Keith Peer, President and CEO of Central Command, Inc. “With an industry average educational antivirus software license priced near $19 per workstation we are offering schools a huge savings. The money saved through our initiative can go directly into purchasing updated computer hardware and software or into funding additional IT staff or projects.”

Central Command has made available free of charge a set of three computer security posters to help elevate awareness against Internet security threats. The set of poster topics include: “Understanding the Risks of File Sharing,” “The Danger of Email,” and “Avoiding the Hook of Phishing Scams.” “These posters are excellent tools for use in computer labs, class rooms, and lunch rooms to address and educate students and staff about security concerns,” concluded Peer. Free posters are available online from www.centralcommand.com/edu

Vexira Antivirus is a scalable, multi-platform antivirus protection solution for any size educational network. Using powerful virus scanning technology and active virus defenses, Vexira Antivirus closely monitors for viruses and other suspicious activity on local hard disks, network drives, floppy disks, e-mail attachments and Internet downloads.

More information about the Safe@School initiative is available by contacting Central Command +1 330 723 2062 or visit the Central Command educational web portal at http://www.centralcommand.com/edu

Features of Vexira Antivirus

* Complete automatic antivirus updates within networks
* Unattended deployment and version upgrades
* Fast real-time virus protection
* Compatible with many PC lock-down utilities
* Password protected configuration options
* Very low hardware requirements

Pricing and availability

* Cost per one-year workstation license $1.79 ea. Minimum purchase $300.00 per year
* Must be an accredited college, university, high school, junior high or grade school
* Free one to one home use option included
* For-profit training facilities are not eligible

About Central Command: A leader in the anti-virus industry, Central Command, Inc., a privately held company, serves home PC users and industrial, financial, government, education, healthcare and service firms with virus protection software, services, and information. The company services customers in over 104 countries and is headquartered in Medina, Ohio. Visit Central Command at (www.centralcommand.com) or call 1-330 723-2062 for more information.

Central Command and Vexira are trademarks of Central Command, Inc. LINUX® are a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks, trade names, and products referenced herein are property of their respective owners.

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