CipherTrust Announces Product Support for Microsoft Sender ID Framework

August 31, 2004 – CipherTrust, Inc., the leader in messaging security, today announced it will support the Sender ID Framework in the next service release of version 4.5 of the award-winning IronMail appliance, scheduled for October of this year. A combined specification resulting from Microsoft’s Caller ID for eMail proposal, Meng Wong’s Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and a third specification called the Submitter Optimisation, Sender ID is an industry standard created to counter email domain spoofing and to provide greater protection against phishing schemes.

Craig Spietzle, director of industry and partner relations of the Safety Technology Strategy Group at Microsoft, said: ”CipherTrust’s commitment to incorporate the Sender ID Framework into IronMail will expose Sender ID to some of the largest companies in the world given CipherTrust’s strong customer base. The support CipherTrust has demonstrated for email authentication technologies has proven critical in the fight against spoofing and phishing and we look forward to standing with them on the front lines.”

A pioneer in the support of email authentication standards, CipherTrust in February became the first email security solution to provide enterprises with support for the anti-spoofing and anti-phishing protocol SPF and already many of CipherTrust’s customers have adopted the protocol. Today’s announcement builds on CipherTrust’s strategy to work with all members of the email ecosystem to eliminate phishing and spoofing and find additional ways to affect the spam epidemic. Given the leadership CipherTrust has displayed in email authentication movement, the Company’s chief technology officer, Dr. Paul Judge, is speaking at today’s Microsoft Sender ID Framework Implementation Summit, which will outline how to best roll out the Sender ID email authentication standard.

Dr. Judge said: “Following CipherTrust’s early lead in delivering email authentication to the enterprise, many other organisations have rallied around email authentication standards that are an important means of stopping phishing and spoofing. The leadership of companies like Microsoft and CipherTrust and the rapid development and deployment of these standards, will greatly mitigate the threat of phishing and spoofing.”

In a related announcement, CipherTrust today released the results of an analysis focused specifically on the deployment rate and effectiveness of Sender ID’s predecessor, SPF. CipherTrust’s recent study reveals that the number of Fortune 1000 companies deploying available email authentication protocols has increased by nearly 200 percent since May. These organisations, among the largest in the world, are recognising the importance of email authentication because it is very effective at stopping spoofing and phishing attacks. Further information about CipherTrust’s recent study can be found at

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