StreamShield Networks Launches World’s First Internet Protection Service For Web And Email

LONDON, September 16, 2004 – StreamShield Networks – the leader in real-time, high performance internet content security solutions – today announces its StreamShield Protector managed content security service. Provided in the internet, StreamShield Protector uniquely delivers integrated, 24×7 protection against viruses, spam and unacceptable content by identifying and blocking threats before they reach the subscriber’s computer systems and harm their business. All this is done without the need for additional hardware or software in the subscriber’s network.

StreamShield Protector uniquely overcomes the limitations and weaknesses of email-only security services by providing integrated protection for both email and web applications. This includes scanning for viruses in web and email traffic, blocking access to websites that fall outside of the subscriber’s internet usage policies, and stopping unwanted spam from entering the subscriber’s network. The service can be fully customized by subscribers to meet their own specific requirements.

Dave Harper, Finance Director at trial customer Notability Solutions comments:
“We are very concerned about growing risks from viruses, spam and inappropriate content entering our business. Ideally, we want threats stopped in the internet before they reach our computer systems, and we want protection for both email and web-based applications. We are delighted that StreamShield Networks is providing such an innovative managed service to address this problem.”

“StreamShield Protector is breaking new ground by providing integrated protection for both web and email”, adds Simon Gawne, Founder and CEO of StreamShield Networks. “Using an email-only service is like purchasing locks for your doors but leaving the windows wide open. We aim to provide total web and email protection for our customers.”

The StreamShield Protector service includes:

” Site Blocker: Ensures the subscriber’s internet usage policies are enforced by controlling access to different categories of websites. StreamShield Protector intercepts web page requests and blocks access to those sites containing inappropriate content. The service uses a commercial website database with over 6 million entries.

” Virus Blocker: For identifying and blocking viruses in in-bound and out-bound emails, as well as web traffic. Multiple commercial anti-virus scanners are used to ensure the best coverage against known threats with the latest heuristics technology to block new and emerging virus threats.

” Spam Blocker: Blocks unwanted and unsolicited emails using multiple spam identification techniques including Bayesian statistics, blacklists and rule-based filters.

” Mail Retrieve: Automatically stores in-bound emails if the subscriber’s email system or internet connection fails, so emails are not lost during unplanned downtime.

” Customer Console: Web-based management and control of the service by the subscriber.

StreamShield Protector will enter general commercial availability from October 2004. For further details visit

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