Armor2net Announces Armor2net Personal Firewall

Sparks, Nevada, U.S.A. – Armor2net announces the release of Armor2net Personal Firewall, a program for the Windows operating system that helps protect computers from the threats on the Internet and World Wide Web. With Armor2net Personal Firewall in place, end-users can breathe a sigh of relief.

Armor2net Personal Firewall software provides a complete spectrum of Internet security and Internet privacy for computers. The program protects the computer from hackers, data thieves, and other Internet-based dangers. Armor2net Personal Firewall carefully monitors the computer and tracks all connections, both incoming and outgoing. This allows the user to determine which connections are allowed and which are not. The software will show complete details of each connection, so the user can turn off unsafe connections and block dangerous Internet sites.

In addition, Armor2net Personal Firewall is able to stop Internet pop-up ads, a feature that can be customized for each individual Web site. The program will also search your computer for spyware, and remove the spyware components safely. Armor2net Personal Firewall allows the user to grant and deny access to the Internet on a per-application basis, which will prevent harmful worm, Trojan horse, and spyware programs from infiltrating your computer. The program also alerts you of any intrusive behavior coming from the Internet.

Armor2net Personal Firewall has an easy-to-use interface and is very intuitive. Unlike most of its competitors, Armor2net is truly “intelligent” firewall software that allows many of its functions to be automatically processed. The application is perfectly suited for home and office, for new users and those with greater experience.

System requirements
Armor2net Personal Firewall will run under Windows 98, ME, 2000, and Windows XP. It requires 32MB of RAM and 20MB of free hard disk space.

Armor2net Personal Firewall is available for $19.99 from the Armor2net Web site at

For more information on Armor2net Personal Firewall or other products from Armor2net, contact Armor2net at (+1)775-321-9608,press@armor2net.comor visit the company’s Web site at

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