F-Secure Provides Nokia Phone Users With Mobile Antivirus Solution

F-Secure Corporation [HEX: FSC] today announced that its automatic antivirus solution, F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus, will be available to users of the Nokia 6670 smartphone introduced today.

F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus(tm) is the most comprehensive and the first commercially available solution for protecting Symbian OS smartphones against harmful content, from undesired messages to malfunctioning applications. It provides real-time, on-device protection and automatic over-the-air antivirus updates through a patented SMS update mechanism and HTTPS connections.

The new Nokia 6670 imaging smartphone provides effective and reliable communication for mobile professionals. It features a number of productivity applications, such as, e-mail with attachments, personal information management (PIM), web browser and easy synchronization of data in addition to an integrated megapixel camera.

The Nokia 6670 is the first device that has been tested for compatibility with the new antivirus software. The users of the new phone will have a free one-month test period of the F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus service. The software can be downloaded from the F-Secure website, and customers will find a link to the download site via Nokia.com product pages. After the free trial period, it is possible to purchase continuation to the antivirus update service directly from the mobile phone or through F-Secure eStore. The Nokia 6670 users will get access to the software when the first phones will be available in October. Other Nokia Series 60 phone users can purchase the software from F-Secure eStore later.

“The openness of Symbian OS enables the development of various add-on software that can be used to tailor products like the Nokia 6670 smartphone to best cater for different user needs,” said Kirsi Kokko, Senior Manager, Smartphone & Business Solutions, Nokia. “Nokia welcomes innovative solutions, such as the new F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus, that help users to protect their devices against harmful content.”

“Users of mobile devices should not be troubled with finding the right security solutions. Mobile phone vendors are in a good position to offer access to antivirus services for phone users. We believe that this kind of cooperation will be one of the main models in the mobile antivirus business. We are happy to see that Nokia is leading the way and has taken an active approach to help mobile users to protect their devices,” said Risto Siilasmaa, President and CEO of F-Secure Corporation.

Mobile security has been a key focus area of F-Secure for years. Today, F-Secure offers a complete content security solution for both mobile terminals and mobile networks.

In addition to the hardware vendor cooperation announced today, the F Secure Mobile Anti-Virus service has already been piloted and tested in several operator networks. The operator service is based on a partnership model, where F-Secure hosts the production environment and maintains the service platform, and the virus protection service is sold and marketed by the operator and its sales channel. For the operators, a wireless antivirus service is preventive insurance against end user support load, terminal downtime, negative user experience and bad publicity.

About F-Secure

F-Secure Corporation protects individuals and businesses against computer viruses and other threats coming through the Internet or mobile networks. Our award-winning solutions include antivirus, desktop firewall with intrusion prevention and network encryption. Our key strength is the speed of response to new threats. For businesses our solutions feature centralized management. Founded in 1988, F-Secure has been listed on the Helsinki Exchanges since 1999. We have our headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, and offices in USA, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Japan. F-Secure is supported by a global ecosystem of value added resellers and distributors in over 50 countries. F-Secure protection is also available through major Internet Service Providers, such as Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom and Charter Communications.

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