Centenary College Secures Internal Network with Mirage Networks

Austin, TX – October 07, 2004 – Mirage Networks, Inc., the pioneer in security solutions for Interior Network Defense, today announced that Centenary College, the first College in the State of New Jersey to become completely 100% wireless and the fastest growing higher education institution in the State, has deployed the Inverted Firewall to prevent the spread of rapidly propagating worms and viruses on its internal network.

To enable new learning methods and resources for its students, Centenary created a program that provides a laptop to every one of its full-time undergraduates at its Hackettstown campus. In conjunction with Centenary’s state-of-the-art, 100% wireless campus network, this innovative program provides students with 24-hour access to tools and materials they need to complete their coursework. However, Centenary found that with the new laptops came new security problems – students were coming back from winter, spring and summer breaks with malcode on their laptops that would then propagate throughout the network, impacting network performance and causing burdensome cleanup issues.

“We wanted a way to actively protect our network – and our students – from these threats, but without the burden of deploying agents on every laptop or having to constantly update signatures,” said Gary Lindgren, CIO, Centenary College. “The Inverted Firewall met our requirements better than any of the other solutions we examined – and it has already automatically identified and blocked 20 infected laptops from the network in the first few weeks of this semester. When the students brought their laptops to the help desk for remediation, we saw some machines carrying 90 to 100 threats. The ability to prevent these infections from finding their way onto the network is critical for maintaining our network availability and performance.”

“The Inverted Firewall, with its behavioral detection methods and precise mitigation at the threat source, gives Centenary a new level of security control over the laptops connecting to its wireless network,” said Tom Duffy, President & CEO, igxglobal. “This control translates into immediate value to both the IT staff, who avoid cleaning up hundreds of devices, and to the students, who have uninterrupted access to network resources.”

“Centenary College has a great vision for technology-enabled learning,” said Greg Stock, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mirage Networks. “We are pleased that the Inverted Firewall helps Centenary protect the investments they have made in their wireless network and laptop programs, stopping worms and viruses from interrupting or damaging these valuable educational resources.”

About Centenary College
Since its founding in 1867, Centenary College has fulfilled its mission and has proudly served the educational needs of individuals from all over the world. Centenary College is committed to a quality liberal arts and career studies education with a substantial international dimension to engage students in learning and prepare them for satisfying careers, successful lives, community service and lifelong intellectual pursuits. As the primary educational and cultural resource for northwest New Jersey, Centenary offers a range of undergraduate, graduate and professional programs as well as non-degree courses for professional and personal development. In 2003, Centenary College became the first College in the State of New Jersey to become completely 100% wireless and is also the fastest growing higher education institution in the State.

About igxglobal

igxglobal provides complete end-to-end data security solutions and comprehensive buy versus build options. By aligning with an exclusive list of product manufacturers, providing technical services with teams of engineering talent, audit and assessment expertise to help clients address compliance requirements and 24×7 remote management services with security intelligence, igxglobal provides organizations of all sizes with security solutions that meet the capabilities and requirements desired. For more information, please visit www.igxglobal.com.

About Mirage Networks

Mirage Networks is the pioneer in security solutions for Interior Network Defense. The Mirage Networks Inverted Firewallâ„? is the first security appliance designed specifically to protect internal networks. The out-of-band appliance identifies, slows and contains malicious traffic without interrupting normal business communications. The Inverted Firewall is self-contained, requiring no signatures, no agents and no network re-architecture to begin detecting and mitigating threats immediately. For more information, please visit www.miragenetworks.com.

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