Andrews Kurth Shields Internal Network with Mirage Networks

Austin, TX – October 11, 2004 – Mirage Networks, Inc., the pioneer in security solutions for Interior Network Defense, today announced that Andrews Kurth, a nationally ranked and recognized firm that handles the vital interests of established companies and emerging businesses around the globe, has selected the Inverted Firewall to shield its internal network against malware-infected endpoints and ensure network continuity.

With eight offices in the United States and London, Andrews Kurth’s network serves more than 400 lawyers around the globe. Because client privacy is the highest priority, Andrews Kurth elected to add the Inverted Firewall to its extensive security defenses to protect the company and its clients against the increasingly more intelligent and rapid malcode exploits targeting enterprise networks. These attacks are able to bypass traditional security solutions – in many cases walking in the door of the enterprise on a laptop of a mobile worker.

“Our business relies on both the security of client information and the ability of our staff to provide exceptional service to our clients,” said Lynn McGuire, CIO, Andrews Kurth. “With the number of malware exploits that have targeted enterprises recently, we felt the Inverted Firewall was a critical addition to our security defenses. It provides the ability to block compromised devices from the network one-by-one, keeping threats contained while allowing the rest of the network to function as normal.”

“Mobile workers create a very complex security problem, with laptops being one of the most common entry point for malcode onto enterprise networks,” said Talbot Theiss, Manager, Enterprise Security Solutions, DYONYX. “Even with anti-virus in place, threats are able to enter networks. We worked with Andrews Kurth to solve the problem of securing endpoints by conducting a thorough review of all the available technologies. The Inverted Firewall clearly demonstrated the most effective and efficient method for controlling endpoint security. Its unique network-based technology gives administrators unprecedented control over identifying and locking down offending machines – without the overhead of signatures and agents.”

“Andrews Kurth has an impressive network and security strategy designed to empower highly effective employees while keeping client information safe.” said Greg Stock, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mirage Networks. “With the Inverted Firewall, Andrews Kurth extends its network security reach down to the endpoint, adding a new level of security precision that automatically blocks malicious activity while maintaining business continuity.”

About Andrews Kurth
Andrews Kurth LLP, founded in 1902, has more than 400 lawyers and eight offices in Austin, Dallas, Houston, London, Los Angeles, New York, The Woodlands and Washington, DC. The firm has an international client base and has experience in all major industries and areas of business law and litigation.

About DYONYX DYONYX LP, is a privately held information technology and management consulting firm headquartered in Houston, TX. DYONYX is dedicated to helping clients across the nation improve their productivity and security. The company’s proven set of methodologies, extensive experience, deep skills and world-class service at reasonable rates provide superior enterprise protection services that reduce both risks and costs.

About Mirage Networks

Mirage Networks is the pioneer in security solutions for Interior Network Defense. The Mirage Networks Inverted Firewallâ„? is the first security appliance designed specifically to protect internal networks. The out-of-band appliance identifies, slows and contains malicious traffic without interrupting normal business communications. The Inverted Firewall is self-contained, requiring no signatures, no agents and no network re-architecture to begin detecting and mitigating threats immediately. For more information, please visit

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