Nemx Offers Strongest Protection Against Exchange Server Attacks

Ottawa, Canada October 18, 2004 Nemx Software, a provider of anti-virus and secure content management products, today announced the first security solution to extend and build upon standard Exchange functions to protect Exchange servers from unwanted penetration and attacks from spam, viruses and hackers. With Power Tools 5.0, Nemx is arming IT administrators with a strong set of flexible tools to accommodate and balance their evolving security and user’s needs.

With the introduction of Microsoft’s Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) in May 2004, the need for a new kind of anti-spam solution emerged. While IMF provides server-side message filtering and heuristics-based message analysis, IT administrators demand increased functionality to allow them to better control both their organization and user’s unique requirements. This increased flexibility will benefit companies of all sizes, especially those that rely solely on Exchange’s IMF for spam protection. Nemx’s Power Tools 5.0 is the first solution to fill this void and delivers the flexibility and usability IT administrators who are deploying Microsoft’s IMF require.

Power Tools 5.0 is also offering IT administrators additional layers of protection for their Exchange server by providing an arsenal of detection and preventive components. With the addition of new tools and functionalities to its anti-virus and secure content management offerings, Power Tools 5.0 tightens Exchange security by providing non-signature based detection of new, unknown viruses and malware, and detection of various spoofing techniques used to provide non-delivery reports (NDR). Nemx’s spam detection is further enhanced by the inclusion of a collaborative solution like Spam URL Real-Time Block Lists (SURBL).

“Microsoft’s Intelligent Message Filter can be very powerful at identifying spam, but today’s IT administrators need additional tools to better control confidence levels and filtering next steps,” said John Young, President of Nemx Software. “Power Tools 5.0 provides the strongest defense against Exchange server attacks. We recognize that every organization has unique needs and are providing a solution that is highly flexible and offers users various protection options.”

Intelligent Message Filter
The IMF complimentary functionality of Power Tools 5.0 offers IT administrators more flexibility over their Exchange security responses. The new product enables better control over Spam Confidence Level (SCL) handling and offers a wider selection of filtering actions than are available through the standard filtering options provided by Microsoft. With the easy-to-use Power Tools 5.0, IT administrators can define and control SCL thresholds at various levels within their Exchange organization including servers, groups, and mailboxes, and assign different reactions to each level. For instance, in a K12 school environment, staff receiving spam may have the offending message automatically moved to a subfolder, while the same message to a student would be deleted.

Proactive Malware Detection
Power Tools 5.0 makes it possible to catch viruses and other malicious software before virus signatures have been released. This unique technology detects and stops the virus before any virus signature files are created for the specific threat, giving administrators the confidence to know that their Exchange server is protected. The addition of proactive malware detection provides a superior technique to the non-signature based detection of new, unknown viruses than available through pure heuristics.

While RBLs are used to block spam senders, they can be easily circumvented. SURBLs are used to block messages in real-time based on the domain names that appear within the message body URLs (usually web sites). Including SURBLs collaborative functionality to the Exchange server, Nemx is allowing emails containing URLs that have previously been reported to be tagged, increasing the overall Spam Confidence Level of the message. Power Tools 5.0 also includes self-updating capabilities for the SURBLs, RBL and Concept Manager functionalities, meaning IT administrators are no longer required to manually update definitions.

Non-Delivery Report
With its NDR functionality, Power Tools 5.0 prevents attacks from spam campaigns or virus outbreaks using spoofed email addresses. By thoroughly reading the NDR headers, spoofed messages can be identified and diverted before email penetrates the server. This can significantly reduce the amount of “true” spam that an organization must process, and as a result reduces the time an administrator requires to review quarantine and BadMail folders.

Pricing and Availability
The Advanced and Internet Editions of Power Tools for Exchange Server 5.0 is now commercially available. The product is priced starting at $999 U.S. for a 50-user license, and $495 US for the Internet Edition. Further pricing is dependent on the specific components selected and number of connectors and/or mailboxes.

For a limited time, the IMF/SCL component will be priced at $249 US.

About Nemx Software Corporation
Nemx Software Corporation was established in 1994 to provide adaptable security solutions for the Microsoft Exchange environment. Nemx was the first company to develop anti-virus products for the Microsoft Exchange client and since then, the company has designed products to work seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange. The company’s products meet the growing need for secure email content management, protection from viruses and SPAM, and monitors for inappropriate employee behavior and content. Nemx Power Tools offers multiple lines of defense in the fight against spam, and comes in two editions. Advanced Edition, offers enterprises of all sizes complete protection from both Internet and internal email, while the Internet Edition, designed specifically for small to medium sized enterprises, addresses security at the Internet level. Nemx is based in Ottawa, Canada. For more information about Nemx Software, please visit

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