ArcSight Announces Entry into European Security Market with UK Headquarters and Major EMEA Customer

LONDON, UK, 28th October 2004: ArcSight, the leading provider of enterprise security information management (SIM) software, today announces the launch of its UK-based EMEA operations. Its security solution will enable EMEA customers to integrate the mass of isolated products that handle specific security tasks across the organisation, and convert them into a fully coordinated and optimised security management system. This will significantly improve IT protection and increase the productivity of the security function.

The typical enterprise experiences upwards of 50 million security events each day from a wide variety of devices. Such extreme, disconnected volumes of data prevent accurate analysis and response due to data overload and false indications of threats.

With today’s news, ArcSight becomes the first security information management provider in the EMEA market with the ability to collate every source of security data into a comprehensive and coherent global security monitoring and response system.

In addition, its patented TrueThreatâ„? technology correlates security alarms and alerts from multiple devices in real time, connecting seemingly disparate events to identify areas of potential internal and external risk.

“Companies that aggressively installed firewalls, intrusion detection systems, anti virus and even application-level security now have mountains of data, but no true intelligence about the threats they face. With attacks continuing to increase and the growing need for security-based compliance initiatives, senior executives today recognise that security is an enterprise issue,” said Iain Chidgey, managing director, ArcSight EMEA. “ArcSight delivers the first enterprise software solution that brings much-needed efficiency, process control and timely attack remediation to securing information assets.”

ArcSight has established its EMEA headquarters in London as a response to the global nature of the security challenge and the growing demand for sophisticated management software from major international organisations. Its operations will be led by EMEA managing director, Iain Chidgey. He joins the company from ADC Software Systems where he was responsible for business development across the EMEA region. Chidgey’s previous experience includes senior EMEA and US positions at Portal Software and Oracle.

ArcSight today announces Energis as one of a growing number of EMEA-based organisations seeing the potential business and technology benefits of ArcSight’s security information management solution.

Malcolm Seagrave, security expert, Energis said: “With the increasing sophistication of internal and external attacks, it is imperative to deploy a solution that provides both a complete view of the network, and the level of intelligence to ensure threat correlation and pattern discovery. Our customers are some of the UK’s leading organisations and public institutions, as such we demand high standards from our suppliers on their behalf; ArcSight’s comprehensive offering matched our customers’ requirements.”

Mark Nicolett, research leader of security and privacy at Gartner said: “Enterprise security management solutions have now consolidated the islands of defence that large organisations have accumulated, and provide greater efficiency and effectiveness for the security organisation. Security management becomes a strategic application when it connects the security function with the overall corporate mission, converting security from a defensive and reactive activity to one that provides integrated operational support for critical business applications.”

Unlike security solutions that monitor data or provide historical reporting, ArcSight is designed to monitor, investigate, resolve and report on threats and attacks across the network – all from within one environment. ArcSight supports all the popular security devices and information sources and its Distributed Security Architecture provides scaling to multi-site/multi-user deployment rolled into a single enterprise view.

The ArcSight solution comprises four main areas:

” A data collection and storage system that consolidates network-wide alarms and alerts
” Analysis and cross-correlation tools to detect multi-source and multi-target threats
” Incident management workflow for efficient event investigation and resolution
” Comprehensive reporting including pre-configured and custom-developed reports for effective communication and compliance support

“ArcSight is a global solution with a customer base that reflects its cutting edge approach to security information management. From Apple, Verizon and several government agencies in the US, to companies such as the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi in the international region, we are solving an immediate enterprise need for large organisations across the world. The opening of the new EMEA office is central to our global strategy and we look forward to a very successful future,” concludes Chidgey.

About ArcSight
ArcSight is the leading provider of enterprise security information management software. By linking security management to key business assets and processes, ArcSight is enabling large organisations to achieve increased protection, greater productivity, operational confidence and compliance support from their security function.

ArcSight’s integrated solution spans all the critical security management functions, including event aggregation and archiving, real time analysis, incident investigation, attack remediation, reporting and audit. ArcSight is the only vendor to offer both TrueThreatâ„? Correlation and TrueThreat Discovery, which increases the level of protection an organisation, derives from its security infrastructure by dramatically reducing the time between threat detection and response.

ArcSight’s customers include major financial services organisations, government agencies, manufacturers and service suppliers such as the Internal Revenue Service, Telindus, Harris Corporation, Department of Health and Human Services, Union Bank of California, Defense Information Systems Agency, NTT, and Unisys. More information can be found at

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