Touchless Sensor Technology now in Saudi Arabia

Dubai, UAE – October 2004: Touchless Sensor Technology better known as TST Arabia LLC signed up Jeddah based Al Maalim to promote and distribute its biometric technology and solutions in Saudi Arabia. The deal worth one million AED was signed between TSTs Managing Director, Rainer Erdmann and Al Maalims General Manager, Osama AlNaser. TST has global patents for touchless optical recognition of fingers, palms and hands. The strength of its touchless Optical Fingerprint Recognition system is based on High Accuracy Sensor Technology. The uniqueness of this technology is that there is no contact between sensor and skin surface, latent fingerprints. This unique technology can be incorporated in systems to prevent fraud based on Live Finger Detection (LFD), the only biometric sensor technology for applications requiring High usage frequency with unlimited number of users. Speaking about the partnership, Mr. Erdmann, Managing Director of TST Arabia, said Al Maalim has considerable experience in promoting Biometric solutions in Saudi Arabia and hence we see a definite synergy between our companies. We believe in working closely with our distributors and are confident that Al Maalim will ensure that TSTs solutions have a wider reach in Saudi Arabia. Osama AlNaser shares Mr. Erdmanns view and feels there is a huge potential for TSTs touchless fingerprinting technology in Saudi Arabia as the application can be used in Hospitals, Oil and Gas companies, Institutes for Women and many large enterprises.

TSTs systems have been successfully used to not only monitor physical security but also to monitor time and attendance, civil ID, PC/network access, surveillance and screening. Besides, TST solutions can also be used to meet the security needs of individual homes. Hence we feel there is a huge potential to sell TSTs biometric solutions in Saudi Arabia said Osama AlNaser, General Manager of Al Maalim. The partnership with Al Maalim reinforces TST Arabias commitment to the Middle East in ensuring that both customers and partners get the highest level of support and the benefits of their latest research and technology.

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Touchless Sensor Technology AG (TST), established in Germany more than five years ago, develops and sells unique Biometric solutions. TST owns global patents for touchless optical recognition of fingers, palms and hands. TST Arabia LLC is the Middle East arm which acts as a gateway between the East and the West. TST has developed and patented a new unique, biometric sensor system for touchless recognition of fingerprints. Based on customer and market requirements, the employees analyse specific ideas, propose solutions and develop these into finished products – as in the case of the touchless BiRD lli fingerprint-sensor. The BiRD IIi, unlike conventional fingerprint recognition methods, does not require direct contact between the sensor and the skin surface. The light reflected by the finger ridges is converted into electrical signals in the CMOS-sensor thus generating an image of the skin surface. This image is encoded; the individual data (the minutiae code) is extracted and used for subsequent comparison. Thus, on the one hand rapid processing is guaranteed, on the other hand the original fingerprint image cannot be reproduced.

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