Cyber-Ark Central Password Manager Secures And Simplifies Day-To-Day Management Of Administrative Passwords

London, Nov. 8, 2004 – Cyber-Ark(r) Software Inc., the leader in Vaulting Technology(tm), for instant, secure enterprise connections, today unveiled the Central Password Manager, a new component for the Network Vault that secures, automates and dramatically simplifies labour-intensive administrative password management for servers, routers and other vital enterprise systems.

Cyber-Ark’s Network Vault for passwords (Password Vault) provides a “safe haven” within the enterprise where all administrative passwords can be archived, transferred and shared among IT staff, on-call administrators, as well as administrators in the field. The new Central Password Manager expands this functionality to enable organizations to change passwords automatically on remote machines and then store these new passwords in the Vault, without any human intervention and all according to predefined organizational policy.

“Password Vault and the new centralized password management features solve a major headache for today’s systems and network administrators, who need fast, instant access to passwords for system updates and repairs-yet demand the highest levels of security for the keys to the IT kingdom,” said Tom Crawford, president and CEO of Cyber-Ark. “Not only have we automated the time consuming change management aspects of sound administrative password policy, the Password Vault also provides a vital audit trail for compliance and auditing initiatives.”

The Central Password Manager contains built-in methods that change third-party entity passwords, such as a Windows Domain administrator password and a Unix Root user password. The end-to-end solution protects passwords during transmission and at rest with multiple layers of integrated security, granular access control mechanisms and graphical auditing solutions to thoroughly track every password’s whereabouts.

About Cyber-Ark

Cyber-Ark Software Inc., is the leader in Vaulting solutions for securely connecting enterprises. The Company’s Inter-Business Vault enables the creation of secure instant wide area networks (WANs) for connecting enterprises with partners, customers and sub-contractors over the Internet – enabling them to exchange information as if they have deployed a shared WAN, but without actually doing so. Cyber-Ark’s leading Inter-Business Vault applications include solutions for Treasury Management files, PLM and CAD/CAM files, and Source Code. In addition to its business-to-business solutions, Cyber-Ark’s Network Vault provides solutions for securely managing critical information, such as administrative passwords and critical documents, within the enterprise. Today Cyber-Ark enjoys strong customer relationships with more than 100 Global 1000 companies around the world.

Founded by a group of leading military security experts and computer engineers, Cyber-Ark Software is privately held and backed by some of the world’s most successful venture capitalists, including Jerusalem Venture Partners, Seed Capital Partners (a SOFTBANK Affiliate), JP Morgan/Chase Partners and Vertex Management.

The Company is located in Dedham, Mass. and on the World Wide Web at

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