ForeScout Launches Free Service that Monitors Network Threats and Alerts Subscribers with Accurate, Actionable Data

Cupertino, CA – November 17, 2004 – ForeScout Technologies, whose patented technology is the only customer-validated, independently-verified security solution that has been proven to prevent real-time and/or zero-day malicious attacks from both Internet worms and hackers, announced today that it is launching its Global Early Warning SystemSM (GEWSSM) Internet protection service. GEWS Internet Protection Service is a subscriber-based, fully-automated service that provides users with real-time, accurate information about hostile network sources ( A network of globally-distributed security ActiveScouts, based on ForeScout’s patented ActiveResponse?” technology, can identify, with 100 percent accuracy, malicious activity, and proven intent making it an effective real-time defense tool against both human attackers and fast-spreading known and zero-day worms.

“Our intention in launching GEWS Internet protection service is to add an additional layer of protection to the enterprise from hostile attacks and to clean up the Internet pollution created by hackers and malware. This is the first step to help make the Internet a safer place to conduct business,” said Kenny Frerichs, president of ForeScout. “The unique capabilities of our ActiveResponse technology allow GEWS Internet protection service subscribers to receive actionable data in the form of alerts, ranked by severity. Subscribers can take specific actions against hostile sources, including blocking the offending sources from their network, or receiving dynamic, real-time policy updates for automatic blocking. This service will provide our customers with early warnings of real-time Internet threats and will allow them to implement an accurate and automatic defense strategy even before the attacker reaches the network perimeter. Currently, our customers enjoy this capability using our ActiveResponse technology at the enterprise level where 100 percent trust ForeScout’s accuracy to turn on automatic blocking.”

In early 2005, ForeScout’s current customers who have ActiveScout deployed on their network perimeter will be able to connect to GEWS Internet protection service with information provided by ActiveResponse Net?” (ARNet?”) grid. With a connection to GEWS Internet protection service, the ActiveScout receives accurate actionable data of offensive sources from across the globe. In automatic blocking mode, ActiveScout customers have an additional level of global security by being able to instantaneously block proven malicious sources based upon information fed from the global network of Scouts that reside in ARNet grid. This enables real-time protection against zero-day worm outbreaks and provides accurate detection/protection without the need for any form of signature updates or anomaly detection.

“Unlike other services that only passively monitor malicious activities, GEWS Internet protection service provides real-time monitoring and active mitigation of threats from human attackers, attacks with known signatures, and zero-day worms,” said Jim Slaby, senior analyst at the Yankee Group. “I can see GEWS Internet protection service being of value to Internet Service Providers who want to ensure that their customers are not unknowingly spreading malware.”

The website, which debuts today, is a matrix of information including: a real-time world-wide map that pinpoints infected machines, counters that supply statistics on the number of threats, IP address of the top attacker, and the top service attacked. In addition, visitors can view graphs on the top services being attacked, the top attackers, hot spots and the scan-to-attack ratio. With additional functionality to be implemented in 2005, GEWS Internet protection service subscribers will receive actionable data in the form of alerts, ranked by severity. Subscribers will be able take specific actions against hostile sources, including blocking the offending sources from their network, or receiving dynamic real-time updates for automatic blocking. There is a form available on the site that can be filled out to receive notification when this service is fully activated.

In an effort to supply the same level of protection to the SOHO and SMB who do not have sufficient network infrastructure to merit a Scout deployment, ForeScout is extending ARNet grid to provide the real-time threat intelligence to firewalls at their locations. Subscribers will be able to download a plug-in to their firewall (Cisco, Check Point, NetScreen, etc.) and activate GEWS Internet protection service. This capability will be also available in 2005.

About ForeScout Technologies, Inc.

ForeScout’s enterprise network security solutions focus on providing real-time, automated protection against fast-spreading worms and malicious hacker attacks. ForeScout offers two families of products to ensure network availability and business continuity. WormScout products suppress and contain worms at key points inside the network, while ActiveScout products dynamically block hackers and worms at the network perimeter. ForeScout headquarters are located in Cupertino, California. More information can be found at

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