No More Phish to Fry’ Says Protecteer, Announcing a New Tool to Combat Zero-Hour Phishing Attempts

Windham, NH — Dec 2, 2004 — Protecteer LLC, a leading provider of desktop identity theft prevention tools, today announced its next generation of SignupShieldTM, now with a patent pending Anti-Phishing technology.

“With Signupshield 3.0 we have redesigned the suite to include the most advanced “zero-hour’ anti phishing tool to date. The tool, named “PhishShieldTM’, alerts users before they are about to submit sensitive information over the net to suspicious web sites” said Ami Grynberg, Protecteer’s CEO.

While some vendors have chosen to fight scams like Phishing by providing after the fact alerts, SignupShield 3.0 preempts Phishing attacks by alerting users before sensitive information is about to be transmitted to a rogue web site.

Signupshield looks behind the scenes of every form a user is about to submit over the internet and is not fooled by any “make belief’ cloning of real web sites, a technique used by phishing scams. Since it looks at the actual form a user is submitting, signupshield does not really care how users get to a cloned site – via email, search result or spyware.

If SignupShield determines, that indeed a user is about to submit sensitive information and if that information will be sent to a “suspicious’ web site, SignupShield intervenes and alerts the user allowing he or she to abort such transfer of sensitive data before it occurs.

SignupShield’s technology is not based on “black lists’ which are available only after the fact. (“Zero-hour’ tool means that it is always ready). Nor does SignupShield analyze each site that a user visits.

More detailed information with an example of a real phishing attack and a corresponding counter alert by SignupShield are available at

Part of SignupShield’s secret is the capability of PhishShield to draw on SignupShield’s other tools – an integrated Password Manager and a Smart Form Filler built into the product suite. “This is a clear case where the total is more than the sum of its parts”, added Ami Grynberg.

SignupShield is available for $29.95 per user.

Protecteer is a New Hampshire company, dedicated to creating advanced technologies for managing and protecting online submission of sensitive information.

NOTE: SignupShield and PhishShield are a trademarks of Protecteer, LLC.

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