Cloudmark Wins Over 200 New Customers with Trade-up Program

SAN FRANCISCO — January 10, 2004 — CloudmarkTM Inc., the company that delivers the immune system for email, today announced that over 200 new customers have participated in its trade-up program, whereby Cloudmark replaces any company’s existing anti-spam solution free of charge with Cloudmark’s superior email security solutions and standard support for the duration of the current subscription.1 Due to the immediate success of the trade-up program, Cloudmark has decided to extend the offer through March 2005.

Companies of all sizes are still eligible for the trade-up program, replacing their existing solutions with Cloudmark Immunityâ„? for large enterprises and Cloudmark Exchange Editionâ„? for small and medium businesses. For personal users, Cloudmark’s newly launched SafetyBarâ„? solution (formerly SpamNetâ„?) is also eligible for a trade-up through a $20.00 rebate when a one-year subscription is purchased. For more details on Cloudmark’s offer or to sign-up for Cloudmark’s trade-up program, please visit

“2004 has been a breakthrough year for Cloudmark as we introduced a complete suite of products – Cloudmark Immunity, Cloudmark Exchange Edition, and Cloudmark SafetyBar – that provide our customers with the most accurate, simple and uncluttered security solutions on the market,” said Karl Jacob, CEO of Cloudmark. “We knew that if we showed we were willing to put our money where our mouth is, we’d see immediate defectors from dissatisfied customers of other solution providers and we anticipate this trend to continue with the program’s extension.”

“We were extremely excited for Cloudmark to offer a cost-effective trade-up offer for its Cloudmark Exchange Edition solution. The evaluation period & trade-up offer allowed us to evaluate Cloudmark and implement a more effective anti-spam solution than our current solution in our environment,” said Hein & Associates LLP. “Cloudmark Exchange Edition has proven to be the most accurate and effective solution we’ve evaluated, providing us with a much more comprehensive email anti-spam platform than our previous solution.”

Market Solutions


In April, the company introduced Cloudmark Exchange Editionâ„? (CEE), the easy-to-use, server-side, anti-spam solution, specifically for small and medium businesses (SMB). Powered by Cloudmark SafetyBar, the most accurate desktop solution as proven by customers and PC Magazine two years in a row, to stop over 98 percent of spam automatically without losing critical business emails, CEE has added over 400 new direct SMB customers to the thousands of other companies using Cloudmark technology.


In June, the company launched Cloudmark Immunity, the first and only enterprise email security solution to combine advanced Email Genetic Mapping (EGM) with nDimensional technology to automatically learn the preferences of the enterprise and its employees. In addition to the tremendous success of the trade-up program, Cloudmark signed new partnerships with the General Services Administration, Openwave, Secure Computing, CheckBridge, Bizanga, Sunbelt Software, MayFlower, and AhnLab, Korea’s largest computer security firm.


In November, the company launched Cloudmark SafetyBar 4.0, the easy-to-use anti-spam and anti-fraud solution for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. SafetyBar, backed by the first and largest community of spam and fraud fighters, protects more than 1.1 million users in 153 countries from spam, fraud and all email threats before harm is done.

Formerly SpamNet, SafetyBar stands alone as the world’s most award-winning desktop solution, by scoring the highest accuracy rate in PC Magazine’s last four reviews, while registering consecutive zero false positives in the magazine’s last two reviews. SafetyBar remains undefeated as the best spam protection this year having consistently garnered top accuracy to win PC World’s Best Buy, PC World 2004 World Class Award for Best Spam Filter, PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice and PC Magazine’s 5 Stars for accuracy among other industry awards.

In addition to its recognition by leading technology publications as the most award-winning anti-spam solution, SafetyBar was chosen by PayPal in December to provide the e-commerce security leader’s 50 million worldwide customers with anti-fraud protection free of charge.


In recognition of Cloudmark’s leadership position in the desktop, small, medium and large enterprise space, the company received $11million in its final round of funding from FTVentures, Presidio Venture Partners, a Sumitomo Corporation company, and its major initial investor, Ignition Partners. The investment strengthened Cloudmark’s already solid financial position, and will enable the company to further fund research and development and expand its ability to meet the growing worldwide demand for innovative e-mail security solutions among enterprise, service provider, small business and consumer markets.

About Cloudmark, Inc.

Founded in 2001, Cloudmark is the company that delivers the immune system for email. The company offers tailored anti-spam and anti-fraud solutions for the individual user, small and medium businesses (SMBs), large enterprises and service providers to bring immediate relief to thousands of businesses and more than a million individuals in 153 countries using its solutions today.

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