Spector CNE Combines Award Winning Spector Pro Monitoring Software, With Corporate Network Installation, Configuration and Deployment Capabilities

The result provides businesses with the most advanced monitoring software suite ever offered. Now, at the touch of a button, Spector CNE can be remotely configured and installed FROM any computer on the network TO any computer on the network, and the recordings can be viewed from any PC on the network.

With Spector CNE, you will have a complete record of your employees’ PC and Internet activity.

Spector CNE automatically captures and lets you review your employees’:
emails sent and received, chat conversations and instant messages, files downloaded, web sites visited, applications launched and keystrokes typed.
In addition, by taking screen snapshots, Spector CNE creates the equivalent of a digital surveillance tape so that you can see the exact sequence of everything your employees are doing on the computer.

Immediate email alerts notify you whenever certain words (and phrases) you specify are typed by the user or are contained in an email, chat, instant message or a web site. (Spector CNE’s email recording is so comprehensive that it covers Outlook, Exchange, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo and any SMTP/POP3-based architecture.)

The primary uses for Spector CNE are to:

Conduct Investigations on Employees Suspected of Inappropriate Activity Increase Employee Productivity by Reducing Frivolous and Inappropriate Activity
Monitor Ongoing Employee Performance and PC Proficiency
Eliminate Leaking of Confidential Information
Assist Help Desk Staff with PC Recovery
Enforce PC and Internet Acceptable Use Policies

“Our business customers have used Spector Pro because of its ability to provide exact visual detail of an employee’s internet and PC activity. But, their biggest request has been for us to incorporate centralized management capabilities into the product. Spector CNE addresses that need head on, and adds other important features like the monitoring of downloaded files, detailed application activity and detailed URL activity. And with the addition of an advanced search tool for quickly searching emails, instant messages, web sites visited and keystrokes typed, we have truly corporatized this product so that any business with employees on the Internet will be able to know quickly and easily everything those employees are doing on company computers” according to Doug Fowler, Spectorsoft president.

Spector CNE is available for instant download at www.SpectorCNE.com or by calling toll-free (888) 598-2788. Pricing for Spector CNE begins with a 10 user license priced at $495 USD.

Case studies: http://www.spectorcne.com/casestudies.html

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