FrontBridge Defines Vision for Messaging Services with Total Message Management

LONDON, UK – Feb. 7, 2005 – FrontBridge Technologies Inc. today announced a comprehensive approach to ensuring the security, manageability and accessibility of all electronic communications. Backed by global partners and customers, the strategy FrontBridge labels as, “Total Message Management” simplifies the tasks of administering a complicated, multifunctional messaging infrastructure by outsourcing operations to a single, trusted managed services provider.

“Companies are dealing with the new reality that electronic messaging has elevated from an IT-level concern to an essential board room responsibility,” said Steve Jillings, president and CEO, FrontBridge Technologies. “Messaging is a company’s most important business application. It’s paramount that in an era of increased business and litigious risk that messaging be secure, compliant and continuous.”

FrontBridge’s unique Total Message Management approach provides customers with a single partner for comprehensive managed messaging services. Its services mitigate legal discovery and compliance risks, preserve email continuity, and create a secure messaging perimeter. FrontBridge offers the broadest set of end-to-end services, including email and instant message archiving, virus scanning, spam filtering, desktop-enabled encryption, content control, policy enforcement, and business continuity. With FrontBridge Total Message Management, businesses can now consolidate complicated supplier relationships, lower total bill of services, simplify new service provisioning and unify technical customer support.

“Security, compliance and business continuity requirements in industries such as healthcare and financial services are placing greater demands on the messaging infrastructure,” said Michael Osterman, president and founder, Osterman Research, one of the leading messaging market analysis firms. “It’s not enough to handle these challenges with a growing array of standalone appliances or point solutions. Managed services are a fundamentally sound method for deploying multiple, integrated services and FrontBridge has emerged as a market leader with its Total Message Management, one-stop-shop approach.”

“In the fast-paced legal world, our associates rely on email as their primary communications vehicle and any interruption in service or breach of compliance policies can result in significant losses,” said Frank Gillman, director of technology for the law firm Allen Matkins Leck Gamble and Mallory. “FrontBridge has been a long standing partner and its new Total Message Management services provide us a comprehensive set of services that are ideal for the legal community’s needs in e-discovery and compliance.”

In support of Total Message Management, FrontBridge delivers the following services:

» FrontBridge Message Security Services
FrontBridge’s Message Security services apply the most accurate spam and virus filtering methods, delivering a unique blend of preventive and protective measures for stopping email-borne threats at the network perimeter before they can infiltrate businesses and damage productivity. The company’s complete line of managed services for message security include, spam filtering, virus protection and quarantine, content and policy enforcement and disaster recovery.

» FrontBridge Message Continuity Services
FrontBridge’s Message Continuity Services protect access to an enterprise’s most critical and valuable communications tool – email — ensuring continual access to functionality, including reading, composing and replying to messages.

» FrontBridge Message Compliance Services
Global regulations governing business practices and protecting individual privacy impose strict standards and levy stiff penalties around how information is stored and sent. Regulations include Sarbanes Oxley, SEC 17a-3, HIPAA, and Gramm Leach Bliley in the United States and the Data Protection Act of 1998 in the United Kingdom. Further, the increased use of electronic communications as evidence has led to companies establishing policies to retain data voluntarily as a protective measure against e-discovery. FrontBridge’s Message Compliance Services assist companies with email and instant message archiving, message encryption and content and policy enforcement, helping companies sift through years of electronic communications.

To learn more about FrontBridge’s Total Message Management services, visit or contact a FrontBridge Sales representative at or by calling 877-301.8232.

About FrontBridge
FrontBridge delivers comprehensive Total Message Management services for email and instant message compliance, security and continuity, ensuring the safety, manageability and accessibility of all electronic communications. The service offering delivers message archiving, spam filtering, virus scanning, encrypted email, policy enforcement and disaster recovery. Services are powered globally by the only load-balanced, fully redundant data centre network. FrontBridge is based in Los Angeles, Calif. and its managed services are trusted and relied upon by more than 3,000 businesses across the globe. FrontBridge maintains the managed service industry’s largest distribution partner network, including IBM, NEC, Sprint, VeriSign, Siemens Business Services Inc., TELUS and Equant. For more information, visit us on the web at

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