Living Byte Introduces New Security Software Splitsafe at RSA Conference in San Francisco

Munich, February 7, 2005 – Living Byte Software GmbH will be presenting its new release of SplitSafe security software at the RSA Conference in San Francisco for the first time.

Leading companies already entrust the security of their confidential data to SplitSafe security software. SplitSafe´s concept is both simple and innovative at the same time. SplitSafe physically separates the data that needs special protection and stores it on two different storage media, e.g. a hard disk and a USB memory drive. The concept resembles that of the old pirate´s treasure map i.e. only when all parts are joined together can the information be accessed.

Some key facts about SplitSafe

– SplitSafe uses the certified and reliable All-or-Nothing Transform algorithm for separating the data (the algorithm proposed by Ronald Rivest, the “R” of RSA conference).

– SplitSafe received a certification from TUEV Germany, the safety and quality institution.

– SplitSafe creates an additional virtual drive on the Windows system on which the sensitive data is moved or stored. The normal Windows functions like Explorer, cut & paste, etc. are available for managing these files.

– The virtual drive can be used like any other Windows drive and by any Windows application. If e.g. all Outlook folders are stored on the virtual SplitSafe drive all emails are automatically protected from unauthorized access.

– Separation ratios can be freely chosen, ratios vary from 50:50 to 99:1, i.e. with a 1GB USB memory stick you can secure up to 100GB of files on a SplitSafe drive.

Why is SplitSafe safer than today´s security technologies?
In Germany alone approx. 10.000 notebooks are left in taxis every year. How is this lost data protected against unauthorized access? Today’s security technologies mainly encrypt one complete file by using a password or a special key. But once the password or the key is known anyone can access the data. SplitSafe does not use these methods but offers TUEV certified data security by physically dividing the data. All one has to do to get perfect data protection is to keep the mobile storage device separately from the notebook or PC. Access is only possible if both storage devices come together.

System requirements
Operating systems: Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP
PC/CPU: IBM AT-type PC with Intel compatible CPU Pentium II (recommended: Pentium III 800 MHz or higher)
RAM: 64 MB under Windows 2000, 128 MB under Windows XP Hard disk storage: 5 MB; the virtual SplitSafe hard drive requires additional storage capacity A mobile storage device is required, e.g. a USB memory drive, a MO drive, a PCMCIA hard disk, a USB hard disk, a SD card, a smart media card or MMC multimedia card. Floppy disks cannot be used since they do not offer enough storage capacity.

About Living Byte products:
With their RVS-COM software applications Living Byte offers user-friendly ISDN and ADSL tools with a wide range of functions. SplitSafe is the first product of the new security software line.

RVS-COM Lite, the OEM version, offers basic ISDN functions. More than 11 million licenses in 18 languages have been sold worldwide. RVS-COM Lite has become an international fixture in the field of ISDN-communications. Among the almost 60 OEM partners names like Cisco and Billion can be found. RVS-COM Plus 4.0 further enhances the functions of RVS-COM Lite. Users can upgrade their RVS-COM Lite versions to RVS-COM Plus 4.0 via the internet.

RVS-COM Pro adds telephony server functions to RVS-COM Plus and turns the PC into an intelligent switchboard that reduces phone costs considerably.

RVS-COM for ADSL is the new internet access software that optimises using the internet with traffic shaping and connection monitoring.

About Living Byte:
Living Byte Software was one of the pioneers on the German and international communications market. The Living Byte team is continuing to provide top quality and to continually integrate the newest trends into their products so that they can keep on setting new standards. In the past year they have enlarged their portfolio to include innovative security and ADSL software. Andreas Mueller-Hermann, Stephan Berendsen and Martina Zonewitz are the presidents of Living Byte Software.

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