Symantec Announces Client Management Solution To Help Keep Devices Secure, Available And Compliant With Corporate Standards

CUPERTINO, Calif. – May 2, 2005 – Symantec Corp. (NASDAQ: SYMC), the global leader in information security, announced the Symantec LiveState Client Management Suite, a comprehensive configuration and lifecycle management solution for client devices in highly distributed, heterogeneous enterprise environments. The suite provides organizations with a set of solutions designed to achieve client resilience by enabling IT administrators to gain control of the IT environment and help ensure client devices are secure, available and compliant with established corporate standards. In addition, the suite reduces the complexity and cost of managing the lifecycle of client devices, and automates manual tasks, such as deploying and configuring client firewall and anti-spyware software, rolling out new devices, managing software patches, and retiring client devices.

The Symantec LiveState Client Management Suite is the latest release in Symantec’s LiveState family of information availability solutions. It is a critical component of Symantec’s Information Integrity initiative, which helps organizations build a resilient infrastructure by taking a holistic approach to security, systems and storage management. Symantec’s LiveState family of solutions is based on the LiveState architecture, a single unified and extensible platform for Symantec’s client and server management and recovery solutions. The LiveState platform is designed to reduce complexity and make it easier for organizations to deploy additional modular LiveState solutions in the future by leveraging a common console look-and-feel, management database and automated agent deployment infrastructure.

“Security concerns, changing compliance requirements and increasing pressure to establish a strong ROI case for IT purchases are on top of every IT manager’s mind,” said Fred Broussard, Research Manager for PC and Device Management Software, IDC. “Products like Symantec’s LiveState Client Management Suite can add value by converging security and systems management requirements to enable automated and secure solutions for management and system recovery.”

“We are pleased that Symantec continues to offer a comprehensive client configuration management solution with the new version of LiveState Delivery and the LiveState Client Management Suite,” said Stefan Butter, IT service management, TUI Infotech. “For TUI AG we currently manage more than 5,000 computers. The automated solution allows us the centralized management of computing devices in our headquarters, branches in airports and our travel agencies all across Europe. We carry out up to 15.000 automated software distribution jobs per month and the potential savings thanks to the new solution are enormous.”

“As IT challenges become more complex, organizations are increasingly aware of the need for a balanced interplay between security, availability and corporate compliance in building a well-managed, resilient infrastructure. Today, IT issues are important beyond convenience as they can impact corporate performance, shareholder confidence and even legal liability,” said Thom Bailey, director of product management, enterprise administration, Symantec Corporation. “The Symantec LiveState Client Management Suite helps organizations achieve client resilience by providing a single unified solution designed to manage a client’s lifecycle from acquisition to retirement. The suite combines industry-leading technologies to help IT organizations increase efficiency, reduce complexity, downtime and cost, and comply with established corporate or regulatory standards.”

The Symantec LiveState Client Management Suite easily interoperates with existing lifecycle management processes and tools, such as frameworks, databases and directories, minimizing the total cost of owning and maintaining client devices. The suite combines the following modular components:

· Symantec LiveState Designer – Includes industry-leading Symantec Ghost and Symantec DeployCenter imaging technologies, Symantec LiveState Package Manager for the creation of custom deployment packages, Symantec Client Migration for performing secure client migration tasks, and Gdisk for secure retirement of client devices. Symantec LiveState Designer simplifies the process of creating packages by providing easy-to-use, automated wizards and graphical tools for command-line input, and the ability to leverage existing third-party packages. IT administrators can test configuration management tasks by deploying them to a test machine or virtual environment using Symantec LiveState Delivery before deploying them across the organization and into the production environment.

· Symantec LiveState Delivery – A powerful open and scalable software delivery and configuration management solution. Symantec LiveState Delivery allows IT administrators to automatically deploy packages for virtually any management task across heterogeneous environments, including mobile and remote client devices, Internet kiosks and POS devices. Symantec LiveState Delivery’s extensible architecture enables organizations to leverage existing IT investments. It allows IT administrators to incorporate and deploy tasks and packages from other Symantec LiveState products or third-party tools, such as hardware/software auditing, software installation, patch deployment, troubleshooting and remediation, system/data recovery and system retirement. Symantec LiveState Delivery also includes a library of pre-built configuration packages to deploy and configure applications and updates such as Symantec Client Security to enable virus protection, client firewall, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention and VPN policy compliance.

· Symantec LiveState Patch Manager – A scalable patch management solution that provides IT administrators with the tools needed to proactively and automatically execute an organization’s patch management process. This includes scanning for and identifying installed, missing and available Microsoft security patches, packaging and deploying appropriate patches using flexible and dynamic grouping and targeting capabilities, and built-in reporting options. Symantec LiveState Patch Manager is interoperable with Symantec LiveState Delivery and shares a common database providing IT administrators with faster reporting capabilities and greater scalability.

· Symantec pcAnywhere for Symantec LiveState – Combines secure and feature-rich remote control with powerful file transfer capabilities. Symantec pcAnywhere for Symantec LiveState is based on Symantec’s industry-leading remote control solution. Cross-platform support allows IT administrators to control both Windows and Linux clients. Powerful security features provide organizations with the access control and encryption options they require to prevent unauthorized access and to promote compliance with corporate and regulatory standards. Security features include default encryption of login information, mandatory passwords, host address blocking, 13 levels of authentication and AES encryption (up to 256-bit cipher strength) through a FIPS 140-2 (Level 1)-validated cryptographic module.

· Symantec Discovery – A solution to rapidly, silently and continuously perform asset management tasks for complete and accurate audits across distributed heterogeneous environments. Symantec Discovery offers powerful tools for agentless discovery of network devices, agent-based hardware/software inventory management, software usage and license management with alerting, comprehensive data analysis, reporting and graphing, as well as the unique ability to identify the physical location of devices.

· Symantec LiveState Delivery Enterprise Manager – An optional add-on component that is available with a Professional Services offering to enhance the scalability and manageability of Symantec LiveState Delivery. Symantec LiveState Delivery Enterprise Manager provides both policy-based and traditional task-based management capabilities in a single unified solution. It is used in conjunction with Symantec LiveState Delivery to assign configuration rules to target groups of devices and automate deployments. Symantec LiveState Delivery Enterprise Manager utilizes real-time queries from inventory data, SQL databases and directory services (such as Microsoft Active Directory) to bring devices to their desired state.

· Symantec LiveState Recovery Desktop – An optional add-on component that provides rapid and reliable recovery of critical information and complete systems in the event of a system failure or data loss. The Symantec LiveState Client Management Suite includes a limited version of Symantec LiveState Recovery Desktop.

In addition to the Symantec LiveState Client Management Suite, Symantec offers standalone versions of Symantec LiveState Delivery, Symantec LiveState Patch Manager and Symantec Discovery, as well as standalone versions of Symantec Ghost Solution Suite and Symantec pcAnywhere. For information on system requirements or additional Symantec LiveState family of information availability solutions, including Symantec LiveState Recovery and Symantec LiveState Recovery Manager, visit

Professional Services
Symantec offers a wide range of Consulting and Training Services to assist in the implementation of the Symantec LiveState Client Management Suite, its individual components and add-on solutions, including other Symantec LiveState applications. In addition, Symantec provides professional services to establish a more resilient infrastructure through Symantec Systems Continuity Service. For more information, visit

The Symantec LiveState Client Management Suite and Symantec LiveState Delivery are currently available through authorized Symantec enterprise administration partners worldwide or directly from Symantec. For more information on Symantec’s partner program or to locate a partner, visit Symantec LiveState Patch Manager, Symantec Discovery, Symantec Ghost Solution Suite and Symantec pcAnywhere are available through Symantec’s worldwide network of distributors and resellers. To obtain licensing information or to locate a reseller, visit on the World Wide Web. For additional product information, call (800) 745-6054 or visit

About Symantec
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