Intellitactics, iDEFENSE Deliver Seamless, Operational View of Threats

INFORMATION SECURITY DECISIONS, Chicago IL , May 9, 2005—Intellitactics and iDEFENSE have joined forces to provide Fortune 1000 enterprises and federal government agencies with a fortified defense against external threats by integrating security intelligence in the context of security operations. The alliance combines the Intellitactics Security Manager automated threat management software and the iDEFENSE iALERT intelligence to deliver an integrated operational view of threats and vulnerabilities both internal and external to the organization. The result is a unique knowledge of threats and an enriched visualization of attacks that strengthens cyber defense by enabling proactive countermeasures to prioritize and combat threats.

“This integration will allow our joint customers to contextualize their external threat information with data from other sources, such as intrusion detection systems, firewalls, Windows and database audit logs, and Web logs,” explains Ron Hardy, vice president of product management for Intellitactics. “The iDEFENSE integration with Intellitactics is bi-directional and becomes part of the Intellitactics Security Manager operations workflow. This is where we believe the real value for our customers lies.”

“Businesses are in a constant war with electronic criminals and face a massive threat from cyber attacks and unplanned interruptions. The sophistication of cyber attacks is increasing, new attacks are emerging daily, and the timing of attacks is accelerating,” says Scott Crawford, senior analyst with Enterprise Management Associates. “As security management organizations mature, security operations is in a position to be more proactive in defending against such attacks. Adding the iDEFENSE intelligence to Intellitactics Security Manager provides actionable information integrated with alert management, accelerates incident response time, and improves quality of response. The alliance is a win for customers.”

Intellitactics Security Manager consolidates and analyzes data from security devices, operating systems, applications, and environmental data to provide both real-time threat detection and historical analysis for compliance reporting, trend analysis, or forensics. iALERT tracks information security issues on a global basis, and provides early-warning and predictive intelligence on aggregated public vulnerabilities, original vulnerabilities developed by iDEFENSE Labs, malicious code, and geo-political cyber threats. The teaming of Intellitactics and iDEFENSE provides iALERT information, locally, from within Intellitactics Security Manager. Alerts of external intrusions and threats appear in context with consolidated alerts from the entire security landscape—all from an operational console. With this integration, users can view and evaluate detailed information on external intrusions without exiting Intellitactics Security Manager.

“iDEFENSE customers are the most sophisticated security organizations in the world. These customers require that we inject our intelligence into their security operations throughout the Enterprise,” explains Gary Alexander, product manager at iDEFENSE. “The integration with Intellitactics is an excellent example of putting our information in the hands of the people who need it at the exact time that they need it.”

The technology/real-time intelligence combination satisfies some of the regulatory compliance requirements for monitoring the integrity of the environment by detecting external intrusions and internal breaches of resource access policies, and reacting to security events in near real-time. In addition, because users can now monitor, prioritize, and act on events all from within Intellitactics Security Manager, users can thwart efforts of hackers, Web mobs, digital spies, and other cyber criminals to identify and track the organization’s security efforts and activities.

“A well-rounded and dedicated approach to security operations and control is the only way to ensure your company and its information assets stay safe,” says Scot Anderson, principle of SECURIXX, a professional services consulting firm, “The key value gained from the integration of iDEFENSE intelligence is the ability to know what is happening externally with vulnerabilities, malicious code, and global threat; which leads to being able to accelerate your ability to act.”

About Intellitactics, Inc.

Intellitactics ( provides the premier security information management solution used by security analysts, security operations, and corporate risk officers in the largest, most challenging environments in the Global 3000 and mission sensitive government agencies. Its industry leading Intellitacticsâ„? Security Manger integrates reporting, threat management and incident management to simplify the complexities of managing diverse security environments. Intellitacticsâ„? Security Reporter automates log monitoring and reporting and provides an essential starting point for companies looking to improve security capabilities to reduce losses resulting from cyber crime. Founded in 1996, Intellitactics is backed by JMI Equity Fund LP and Lazard Technology Partners, is ranked by well-known industry analysts as a market leader with both a high-value strategy and the ability to deliver on the strategy for customers and prospects.


iDEFENSE, based in Reston, Va., provides information security intelligence to the U.S. Government and Global 2000 companies, including leaders in financial services, energy, transportation and telecommunications. The company provides customized, actionable, timely and relevant intelligence detailing potential threats, vulnerabilities and security issues directly to C-level executives, general counsels, auditors, senior security managers and staff, and system administrators. Further information is available at or (703) 390-1230.

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