Bob West Launches Echelon One, Innovative Information Security Advisory Services Company

Mason, Ohio July 26, 2005– Bob West, former Chief Information Security Officer at Fifth Third Bank, announced the formation of Echelon One, LLC, an information security consultancy that specializes in helping companies develop the right combination of people, processes, and tools in order to maximize the impact and effectiveness of their security investments. In addition to leading Fifth Third’s enterprise information security strategy, West led a breakthrough project to deploy a unified identity management infrastructure and also developed and implemented security and computing strategies for large financial services companies including Bank One and Citicorp.

“The recent flurry of headlines underscores the need for organizations to improve on how they protect information,” said Bob West, president, Echelon One. “Echelon One has the deep domain expertise that can help organizations create successful information security programs and improve the security posture of their organizations.”

Echelon One provides an overarching portfolio of advisory services, including virtual Chief Information Security Officer services, identity management, information security architecture, awareness, creating governance structures, program and policy development, and vulnerability management solutions. A unique offering, Echelon One’s virtual Chief Information Security Officer service is aimed at mid-size companies that typically either don’t have full-time employees focused on protecting that organization’s information, or may have a limited number of personnel focused on operational capabilities such as maintaining firewalls, other security appliances or security applications.

“Protecting information is a business issue, and requires visibility and engagement by an organization’s executive team”, commented Bill Malik, noted industry pundit, executive-in residence at Georgia Tech University, and former vice president and research area director at Gartner. “Echelon One can help organizations implement a comprehensive, durable, effective information security program”.

About Echelon One, LLC

Echelon One is a company that provides its clients with both strategic and tactical information security advisory services, and is headquartered in Mason, Ohio. For more information, please visit the Echelon One web site at, or e-mail

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