Trustix Enterprise Firewall for Free

Comodo owned Trustix, developers of the world’s most secure Linux and inventors of the world’s first WYSIWYG firewall, today announced that the latest version of Trustix Enterprise Firewall will be available at no charge. The decision enables administrators to protect their networks for free with a firewall developed and maintained by Trustix’s highly skilled firewall developers.

Trustix Enterprise Firewall takes a revolutionary approach to firewall management by replacing the command line driven configuration of many Linux based firewalls with a user friendly “drag “n’ drop’ GUI. The “XSentry’ interface enables administrators to visually configure firewall policies, demilitarized zones and Virtual Private Networks by simply clicking and dragging connections between servers. The underlying rules generated by the program are then fully optimized before being deployed. This innovative approach reduces the administrator mistakes often plague other firewalls.

Released today, version 4.6 heralds a range a host of improvements and new features including; Enhanced Multi-Platform GUI Interface, DHCP Server and Relay support, enhanced monitoring and alerts, advanced logging, stronger High Availability capabilities and numerous other improvements.

Melih Abdulhayoglu, President and CEO, Comodo Inc., feels that corporate networks worldwide will be more secure following the decision:
“Trustix Enterprise Firewall and the XSentry interface are – and always will be – a source of immense pride to everybody within the Comodo organization. No other firewall enables users to configure their security strategies with such “point and click’ simplicity. By providing Trustix Enterprise Firewall 4.6 free of charge, we are inviting network administrators worldwide to benefit from the expertise and innovation that is the hallmark of all Comodo solutions.’

Users wishing to download and use Trustix Enterprise Firewall 4.6 for free can do so through the Trustix community website at

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