Argosy TelCrest are proud to announce the latest release of their Enterprise Password Safe is now available for evaluation and purchase

EPS Version 1.56 includes an improved user interface, the ability to set a password policy, and a number of other enhancements which have been developed as a result of user feedback and internal innovation. The full list of changes is available from

Licensing of the Enterprise Password Safe has recently changed so that customers pay a flat initial cost for the first 10 users and then per-user cost beyond the first 10. All licenses keys are perpetual which means there isn’t a recurring subscription to pay for use of the product.

The EPS is currently used by global corporations and smaller organizations located around the world and serves organizations as diverse as financial institutions, universities, drinks manufacturers, and many more.

About the EPS:
The EPS is a tool that solves a common password management problem that exists in almost all IT departments by providing a centralized, audited password repository accessed via a web browser.

More information about the EPS is available from

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