TestSource Teams with Apani Networks to Distribute Security and Compliance Software Solutions

ALMONTE, Ontario, Canada and BREA, CA – September 12, 2005 – Apani Networks, the leading enterprise network security software provider focused on securing inside the network perimeter, today announced a new distribution agreement with TestSource, Inc., a distributor of telecommunications testing equipment and network management software products based in Almonte, Ontario, Canada. TestSource joins Apani’s Armour Reseller Program and will add EpiForce, a centralized security management software system, to TestSource’s growing network security product offerings.

Apani’s EpiForce software is used by organizations to secure data communications through machine-level access control, and provides efficient reporting of centrally managed security policies for adherence to government compliance regulations. As part of Apani’s Armour Program, TestSource will offer its customers full product support and training on the use of EpiForce through an alliance established with iVOLUTION Technologies, security experts who provide training courses for the Fortune 500.

“TestSource recognizes the value of offering network security products to its customers, and we’re delighted that they will be marketing and supporting EpiForce as a new Apani Armour Reseller Partner,” said Michelle Tack, vice president of sales, Apani Networks. “The addition of EpiForce is an ideal complement to TestSource’s networking products portfolio. We look forward to working with them to make EpiForce an important component of our network security offering that will supplement existing perimeter-based products.”

“EpiForce offers an innovative approach to secure internal data traffic that boasts central management and a cost effective deployment that will not only protect our client’s sensitive data, but provide a platform for auditing and managing compliance issues for security and privacy,” said Jamie Bertrand, president, TestSource, Inc. “Our customers frequently ask us to help them with not only managing their network, but to administer security functions as well. EpiForce will be an ideal solution for these requests.”

As a centralized security management software system, EpiForce is designed to secure inside the network perimeter. By automating security policy enforcement, network wide point-to-point encryption and machine-level access control, EpiForce becomes the epicenter of enforcement.

Operating at the network layer, EpiForce is transparent to users and applications. In addition to securing data flows, it has the ability to logically segment your network into security policy zones. EpiForce permits IT managers to apply defense-in-depth strategies to secure their corporate networks. By controlling access to critical devices and encrypting internal data flows, it is possible to protect against an insider attack and mitigate the impact of a perimeter security breach.

About TestSource, Inc.
TestSource is a manufacturer’s representative and a Canadian distributor dedicated to serving customers throughout Canada with state-of-the-art telecommunications testing and network management products. TestSource services customers with leading edge products that Test, Manage, Monitor, Secure and Troubleshoot their network environments. For more information, go to www.testsource.ca or call 1-888-708-8869.

About Apani Networks
Established in 2003, Apani Networks is the leading enterprise network security software provider focused on securing inside the network perimeter. EpiForce, the company’s flagship product, provides a transparent security layer for networked applications by encrypting data in motion, enforcing machine-level access control and centrally managing security policy relationships. Apani enables corporate IT managers to quickly, automatically and cost effectively lock down their networks, while providing the security and audit trail necessary to demonstrate compliance to the wide range of regulations that affect enterprises today. For more information, visit www.apani.com.


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