Rule Set Based Access Control 1.2.5 Available

Rule Set Based Access Control v1.2.5 has just been released. RSBAC is a flexible, powerful and fast open source access control framework for current Linux kernels. From a practical standpoint, it allows possibilities such as full fine grained control over objects (files, processes, users, devices, etc.), memory execution prevention (PaX, NX), real time integrated virus detection and more.

RSBAC Key Features:

  • Free Open Source (GPL) Linux kernel security extension
  • Independent of governments and big companies
  • Several well-known and new security models, e.g. MAC, ACL and RC
  • Control over individual user and program network accesses
  • Fully access controlled kernel level user management
  • Any combination of models possible
  • Easily extendable: write your own model for runtime registration
  • On-access virus scanning with Dazuko interface
  • Support for current kernels in 2.4 and 2.6 series
  • Stable for production use since January 2000
As the authors note, development is independent of governments and big companies, and no existing access control code has been reused. To find out more about RSBAC, do check their extensive documentation library

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