Research Supports StreamShield’s Strategy of Moving Protection into ISPs Networks

LONDON, October 26, 2005 – StreamShield Networks, the leader in real-time internet content security, comments that the recent research by NOP highlights consumer demand for ISPs to block spyware traffic – malicious code that gathers information on the user without their knowledge or consent. The outcome of the survey shows an attitude change in consumers who now expect ISPs to filter their internet traffic in the same way that they filter their email.

The NOP survey quizzed 1000 UK consumers and found that half (51%) want their ISPs to block spyware applications and currently only 30% run spyware checks on their system.

A separate online survey of 1200 people in US, Germany and Japan found a high awareness of spyware threats with more than 87% knowing the potential risks caused by the covert, monitoring software. According to the study, 40% of US end users questioned said they had encountered spyware at work compared with just 23% in Germany and 14% in Japan. The survey also noted that viruses and spyware are perceived as being more serious threats to corporate security than spam.

Geoff Bennett, Director of Product Marketing at StreamShield Networks, comments: “Web based threats have now come of age and as the two sets of research show it’s a global problem. Most internet users are not security experts and it’s clear from the research they don’t want to be which is why they are looking towards their ISP for protection. StreamShield Networks is the first company in the world to provide ISPs with a carrier class solution to block spyware and other threats in their networks. We have made clean internet pipes a reality.”

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About StreamShield Networks:

StreamShield Networks is the leader in real-time internet content security. Our technology can identify and stop threats – such as viruses, worms, other forms of malware, phishing scams, spam and inappropriate content – in the internet before they reach the user and cause harm. Uniquely, we provide internet-based protection for email, web and other real-time applications. At the core of our carrier-class content security gateway products is a revolutionary silicon-based content scanning engine, StreamScanâ„?, which delivers unrivalled performance, flexibility and extensibility. For further information please visit StreamShield Networks is a subsidiary of Detica Group plc (LSE: DCA).

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