D-Link Unveils New Business Security Solutions

LONDON – 14 December 2005 – D-Link, the leading provider of networking and communication solutions to the consumer, SMB and enterprise markets, today unveils a range of products focused on security solutions for businesses, comprising of a new generation firewall series, a security information gateway and an online security portal.

“Historically, businesses would source their network infrastructure separately to their security solution”, explains Kevin Wen, President D-Link Europe. “Today, businesses recognise the importance of network security and look for integrated hardware solutions to achieve the highest compatibility and reliability. We recognise the importance of a secure network for businesses of all sizes and have therefore focused heavily on providing security solutions that complement xStack, the D-Link business switching range, thereby providing our customers not only with an effective but also secure network infrastructure” concludes Wen.

The next generation NetDefendTM firewall series provides a dedicated network security solution, with integrated Multi-WAN Link load balancing, server load balancing, fault tolerance, content filtering, Denial of Service (DoS), user authentication and application blocking, as well as VPNC certification to ensure VPN compatibility with other major firewall brands in the market.

Additionally, NetDefendTM has a pro-active network security feature “Zone Defense” which works in co-ordination with D-Link’s xStack switches. Zone Defense actively prevents malicious traffic from spreading internally within the network by blocking individual network ports after abnormal traffic is detected.

The D-Link range of firewalls includes four models that have been designed for businesses of different scales:

DFL-200: suitable for SMB branch offices with up to 40 users, featuring one WAN port, 1 dedicated DMZ port, 4 LAN ports, and 80 IPSec VPN tunnels.

DFL-800: suitable for SMB branch offices with up to 150 users, featuring dual WAN ports, 1 dedicated DMZ port, 7 LAN ports and 300 IPSec VPN tunnels.

DFL-1600: designed for businesses with up to 300 users, featuring multiple WAN ports, 6 10/100/1000 LAN/DMZ ports and 1200 IPSec VPN tunnels.

DFL-2500: designed for businesses with up to 600 users, features multiple WAN ports, 8 10/100/1000 LAN/DMZ ports and 2500 IPSec VPN tunnels.

In addition to the above products, D-Link’s NetDefendTM Information Security Gateway (DFL-M510) is an entirely new type of security device designed to protect business networks from emerging risks posed by an increasing use of instant messages (IM) and peer-to-peer (P2P) applications.

The NetDefendTM Information Security Gateway can help address these threats and identify unmanaged, unauthorized IM and P2P use on your network, giving companies effective control to manage information flows such as instant messaging, peer-to-peer applications, file transfers, E-mail and steaming media from the Intranet.

An online security portal complements these security product solutions, offering automatic and secure software updates. The D-Link security products can be configured to automatically check for updates from the security portal as soon as it is connected and ensures regular automatic update of firmware and patterns. In addition, the site issues security advice to warn customers about any potential security issues.

The new generation of D-Link firewalls and the online security portal will be available and live in January 2006 across Europe. The Security Information gateway (DFL-M510) has recently been launched and is available across Europe.


About D-Link:
D-Link is a worldwide leader and award-winning designer, developer, and true manufacturer of networking, wireless, broadband, digital electronics and voice and data communications products. These products provide the ideal solution for digital home, Small Office/Home Office (SOHO), Small to Medium Business (SMB), and Workgroup to Enterprise environments.

Established in 1986, D-Link is completely committed to technology excellence and quality production. Throughout the years, D-Link has strengthened its position as one of the industry’s leaders in data networking, wireless, broadband and communication solutions. Worldwide revenues reached US$966 million for the year 2004.

D-Link employs over 1,700 people worldwide and has R&D centers in Taiwan, USA, China and India; 1,000,000sq feet of manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, China, and India; 90 worldwide offices serving 100 countries.

D-Link is built on a fundamental core competency that is well founded in the concept of communications. With a strong foundation and expertise in networking solutions, D-Link is transforming and continually expanding the scope of technology expertise and leadership to develop cutting-edge communications solutions.

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