New Uimix Software Hides Sensitive Information from Prying Eyes

MONTREAL, Dec. 8, 2005 – As anyone who has worked in an office environment knows, it’s hard to keep information private when it is displayed on a computer screen. But with the release of Uimix (, software development firm Mercanti Development Inc. has made it possible for users to make whatever they’re viewing virtually disappear.

Available in both download and non-install versions, Uimix is a window transparency manager–in other words, it allows the user to adjust the opacity of the selected window, from completely visible to completely transparent.

“With Uimix, the user can adjust the transparency of a window, blending it into the background and ensuring its contents are viewable only by the person closest to the screen,” explained Jean-Pierre Fortin, a senior analyst with Mercanti. “In today’s environment of heightened concern over information security, Uimix provides an affordable, low-profile way to keep sensitive information private.”

In addition to its use as a privacy application, Uimix enables users to view information in multiple windows at once, without the need for switching back and forth between active windows.

Designed for ease of use, the Uimix interface features a simple slider to manage each window’s transparency. The program can memorize up to three transparencies, which can be reset individually or all at once. Uimix can be controlled by mouse or by keyboard.

“I must say I was a bit skeptical about [Uimix] at first, but I was thrown off my feet by its quality and ease of use,” said one Uimix user. “I tend to work a lot with tabulators, always switching from one window to another with never any way to easily superimpose them over each other. Well, that era is over. It’s about time someone came up with a nifty little program like this one.”

A single Uimix license is available at for $19.95; multiple-user licenses are available at discounted rates. In addition, the shareware version of Uimix can be tried out for free without limitations on time or features. To learn more, visit or

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