Cyber-Ark Software and Mideye Team Up To Provide Two Factor Authentication Via Mobile Phone

London – Jan 9, 2006 — Cyber-Ark(r) Software Inc., the leader in Vaulting Technology(tm) for securely connecting enterprises, announced a collaboration with Mideye, to offer user-friendly and cost-efficient authentication of remote end-users with the GSM phone for security. Working together, the companies will provide corporate users with government and military strength authentication in the palm of their hands.

Cyber-Ark, who already work with many of the world’s top authentication providers such as RSA and Aladdin, has chosen Mideye’s solution to provide their customers with authentication that requires no additional client side hardware or software. The solution works neatly with the SIM/GSM phone and therefore makes security a cost-effective option for every employee providing a fast, secure, convenient and easy-to-use identification method.

Vaulting Technology from Cyber-Ark, has seen a huge demand in the past six months from the banking, finance, government and pharmaceutical sectors all looking for the “safe-haven concept” which enables sensitive data to be stored, shared, and managed within enterprises. The technology has been deployed by 150 of the Global 1000 companies, driven to find security solutions that help them comply with new legislation and industry standards. Another driving factor is the need to guarantee that sensitive information only reaches intended recipients and is protected from getting into unauthorized hands either internally or externally.

Mideye’s authentication uses the SIM card in a GSM phone as the security token, thereby replacing the need for dedicated client authentication hardware and software. Remote end-users are identified with a secret password in combination with a one-time password that is sent to the end-user’s mobile phone. Mideye works with any GSM or WCDMA phone.

The collaboration between Cyber-Ark and Mideye will have particular appeal to organizations with requirements for strong data security which requires strong authentication of end-users, such as remote access to corporate networks, extranets, Internet banking, e-government services and wireless LANs.

Calum Macleod – European Director for Cyber-Ark said, “By collaborating with Mideye we are extending the choice of two factor authentication to our corporate customers, providing easily accessible security. The beauty of the solution is that every employee now has a mobile phone and therefore deploying authentication onto the SIM care enables substantial cost savings in terms of initial investment, administration and support. Moreover, end-users like it because it is user-friendly which works with the whole concept of Cyber-Ark’s Vaulting Technology.”

Fredrik Eriksson – Marketing & Sales Manager for Mideye said, “Cyber-Ark has a proven track-record with Vaulting Technology for the corporate Intranet. Now they are bringing this exciting technology to the Extranet which provides enterprises with great opportunities to collaborate over Internet infrastructure. With Mideye they will do it securely.”

About Mideye
Mideye started as an innovation cell at Ericsson Radio Systems with the goal to re-utilize GSM security mechanisms for Internet applications. In June 2000, Mideye AB was formed as a fully-owned subsidiary of Ericsson Business Innovation. Since August 2003, Mideye AB is a privately held company.

Since its inception in 1999, Mideye has pioneered the area of strong end-user authentication based on the ordinary SIM card. The product and service portfolio is centered around authentication with one-time passwords delivered in real-time via mobile networks. Mideye technology can be applied to any remote access service that requires secure end-user identification. Mideye serves a global customer base comprising enterprises, government authorities and mobile operators. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden

About Cyber-Ark

Cyber-Ark Software is the leader in Vaulting solutions for securely connecting enterprise organizations. The Company’s Inter-Business Vault provides a secure infrastructure for connecting enterprise organizations with its partners, customers and sub-contractors over the Internet enabling them to share, exchange, and manage information securely. Cyber-Ark’s Inter-Business Vault applications include solutions for Treasury Management files, Product Design files and Source Code. In addition to its business-to-business solutions, Cyber-Ark’s Network Vault provides solutions for securely managing critical information, such as administrative passwords and critical documents within the enterprise. Today Cyber-Ark enjoys strong customer relationships with more than 150 Global 1000 companies around the world.

Founded by a group of leading military security experts and computer engineers, Cyber-Ark Software is privately held and backed by some of the world’s most successful venture capitalists, including Jerusalem Venture Partners, Seed Capital Partners (a SOFTBANK Affiliate), JP Morgan/Chase Partners and Vertex Venture Capital

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