Realtime North America Inc. Receives “Powered by SAP NetWeaver” Certification for realtime’s bioLock

TAMPA, Florida. January. 31 realtime North America, Inc. ( has announced that its award-winning bioLock software has received “Powered by SAP NetWeaver certification.

realtime’s bioLock has been demoed at the last three SAPPHIRE conferences, and SAP’s sales engineers are equipped with biometric hardware devices to demonstrate the technology to customers. Last year, SAP made educational movies about the challenge Sarbanes-Oxley and a promising solution – bioLock (view the movies at

“Data security and access controls will be on top of everybody’s list for the year 2006,” said James Alfano, director for IT Security, SAP. “Together with realtime’s bioLock, SAP can offer one of the most advanced solutions in the market”.

Imagine your company’s research data or critical production data can be protected with biometrics and be ensured that only authorized trusted users can access or even change data. Even better, a log file will clearly show which person accessed any transaction or which person was denied trying to execute a protected function. This comes in especially handy when multiple people are using one computer. No more sleepless nights about those administrators – or anybody using their passwords – being able to access anything within the company using SAP solutions. In HR, certain information like social security numbers, salaries or health insurance details are always being compromised and lead to bad publicity and lawsuits. In Finance, it is important to verify who did access the company balance sheet or who made a million dollar wire transfer to a Swiss bank account. With 20 ways to get a password for any SAP User profile, traditional access controls do not keep up with the new challenges of data trafficking. Using biometrics would not only uniquely identify one person but could require two different individuals to authorize critical tasks making it the only “true” electronic signature!

Thomas Neudenberger, COO of realtime North America, Inc. states: “According to InformationWeek, with all the data breaches in the recent month, corporations finally start realizing that old fashioned passwords offer no security for user profiles with access to sensitive data. With over 50 Million Americans having their data exposed last year legislators are now taking action to protect those critical data by enforcing mandatory regulations and establishing new laws.”

bioLock has a 3-level security protection: Level I – SAP Logon, Level II -Transactions, Level III – Data and Field Levels. Independent from the SAP User Profile, bioLock will uniquely identify the “actual user” and log all activities in an Internal log file. Persons in critical departments such as finance, HR, IT, production, research, management, and other selected employees handling sensitive data are equipped with bioLock to protect the company from fraud and help them to comply with mandatory regulations. bioLock will guarantee more accurate audits and will help to comply with critical regulatory mandates such as the California Act, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. Sarbanes-Oxley, Section 404, requires that companies develop strong internal controls to prevent and detect fraud. With over 20 ways to get access to passwords, fraud prevention cannot be accomplished. bioLock offers Internal Control and Audit departments not only the ability to prevent unauthorized access on all levels, but also to proof, who did what and when within the mySAP ERP System.

About realtime:

realtime was established in Europe by former senior SAP employees in 1986 with an emphasis on innovative, inexpensive, and convenient solutions for access control, authorization profile management, expert consulting, and advanced security to include biometrics. realtime has a client base of over 200 “Fortune Global 500” customers in Europe and in North America, including the U.S. Army, Bayer, DaimlerChrysler, Siemens, Toyota, Esso, Procter & Gamble, DuPont, Marathon Oil, Nestle and others.

Brevard County Government won the prestigious InfoWorld 100 Award in 2003 using bioLock to comply with HIPAA. realtime has supports clients with both consulting services and software solutions. In addition to bioLock, realtime has over 150 clients using its other popular software solutions such as APM a complete risk an role management system for SAP solutions.

realtime is a member of the SAP Software Partner Program with certified integrations to SAP solutions.

For more information about realtime, bioLock, and other solutions designed for SAP solutions, see, and .

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