Keep Track of Employee Desktops for Higher Productivity and Stronger Security

Oleansoft Hidden Camera v2.16 offers a software-based electronic surveillance system to monitor desktop activities across corporate networks. It serves the control of both productivity and security. Real-time monitoring from a split-screen, filtering of archive records and remote control of monitored systems are just a few examples of the solution’s rich functionality.

Oleansoft today announces the release of an update version of Oleansoft Hidden Camera, a two-side system for remote desktop monitoring and control. Improvements in version 2.16 target remote control capabilities. It is now possible to not only transmit messages to clients, but also block or otherwise interfere into activities which are not work-related. Work with the record archive has also been improved and now features date and time filters. On the whole, the new version extends the means of real-time and retrospect monitoring.

“Inadequate monitoring of employee activities at a workplace can become a productivity blind spot for employers,” says Andrew Khorkin, CEO of Oleansoft. “Recent statistics shows that over 60 per cent of online shopping is done during business work hours. This is not to say of pornography traffic and online gambling, which has skyrocketed to over 70 per cent. Company desktops are oftentimes used for private correspondence and instant messaging. It all means that employees are paid for activities which are not work-related. Our solution helps employers and human resource professionals reinforce control of the performance of their companies. They can take advantage of the real-time employee monitoring to determine if coaching or punitive measures are required for higher productivity. Oleansoft Hidden Camera v2.16 can be easily deployed in a network of any configuration. It automates the monitoring and therefore doesn’t ask for additional staff. It can be the right solution for both managerial and security needs of your company.”

The program supports screen sharing and remote control for up to 250 client desktops. Screenshots can be both transmitted in the real time and recorded at regular intervals. A smart technology of screen capture allows recording and transmitting only changes that appear on the desktop or in active windows. It enables the program to filter out screensavers and stand-by screens. Enhanced remote control, the new program feature, allows transmitting keystrokes and mouse moves from the manager side to a client with the speed of corporate LANs, thus creating the feeling of physical presence in the remote systems. It is as effective for blocking activities as for coaching new hire.

Although Oleansoft Hidden Camera can operate in the stealth mode without revealing itself on the client side, the public announcement of regular monitoring can in itself act as a deterrent for employees. From the experience of companies where the system was installed, the rise of productivity can reach over 400% just after the public demonstration of its capacity. Wise application of the surveillance is sure to improve overall productivity of your company and support its reputation with partners and clientele.

Oleansoft Hidden Camera v2.16 Features at a Glance

– Simultaneous monitoring of up to 250 client desktops;

– Real-time screen sharing from split-screen;

– Smart technology of screen capture (either whole screen or active window);

– Screenshot recording at regular interval;

– External viewer of archive records with time and date filters;

– Support for different network configurations, including proxy;

– Autostart at the system boot;

– Fast transmission of text messages, keystrokes and mouse moves to client desktops;

– Stealth mode;

– Quick installations from the command line.

Pricing and Availability

Oleansoft Hidden Camera v2.16 runs under Windows 98SE/2000/2003/ME/NT/XP and requires 100 Mb TCP/IP network. The product licence is offered on per-desktop basis and starts at 39 USD for each desktop up to five. The company offers flexible discounts starting with the purchase of 6 licences and more (please, refer to the company site for details). Educational institutions are also eligible to a 30 per cent discount. All registered users are entitled to free technical support. A fully functional trial version is available at

About Oleansoft

Established in 2003, Oleansoft offers a range of solutions for personal and business security, and education purposes. Screen capture software by Oleansoft allows making screenshots both manually and in the automated mode. The encryption program Cryptime allows setting time limits to data decoding. Oleansoft makes it their ultimate priority to offer users products of high quality and reliability.


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